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  • E-Z - Cattlebrush

    E-Z - Cattlebrush

    Makes cattle content Saves wear and tear on doorways, gates, posts etc.. Special nylon brushes provide long use - the quality of the bristles on our brushes is Outstanding Completely galvanized 2 Year Guarantee

  • E-Z - Hoofcare Frame

    E-Z - Hoofcare Frame

     Always available in a place familiar to the cattlel.  Attaches to any type of stall.  Treat cattle for numerous conditions immediately.  Solidly constructed with a safety winch. Can also be used for teat and udder treatments. Dimensions: 43'.

  • Model E-Z - Headlift & Lock

    Model E-Z - Headlift & Lock

    For use with self-locking headgates.  Immobilize the cow's head in one single movement. Easily and safely administer treatments to cow's head.  Safety catches allow you to easily release the cow. Construced for one-person operation.

  • Model E-Z - Pasture Pump

    Model E-Z - Pasture Pump

    Always fresh drinking water available for your cattle.  Draw water out of creek, pond, stream or well without using electricity.  Protect water source from fecal contaminants.  Easy for livestock to use - cows, calves, horses.  Each pump serves 25-30 cattle.  Draws water horizontally, uphill or 18-20 feet straight up.  Quality construction using sheet metal and hot-dip galvanized for long, troublefree service. Very...