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  • Agriculture

  • Animal Feed Silos

    Animal Feed Silos

    A.B.S. animal feed silos (previously known as Trevira silos) made of breathable, uncoated, high-strength, high-tech fabric ensure a constant feed quality without formation of mould and caking. They provide a high level of reliability at your farm and safe everyday use. The best proof of the extremely high durability are the animal feed silos which have already been making work easier for many operations for decades. Our experienced silo experts adapt...

  • Grain Silo

    Grain Silo

    Grain silo – the solution that always fitsThe flexible A.B.S. grain silos (previously known as Trevira silos) made of breathable, uncoated, high-strength, high-tech fabric ensure a constant grain quality which corresponds to current hygiene requirements. Our experts adapt the silo construction to the special requirements of the different products with regard to filter lid, outlet diameter, cone incline, ventilating cone, manual outlet,...

  • Mineral Nutrients Silo

    Mineral Nutrients Silo

    You use mineral nutrients as an addition to your animal feed and you are looking for an optimum storage option? We have the perfect solution for you: Our flexible A.B.S. mineral nutrients silos made of coated, non-breathable, high-strength, high-tech fabric are ideal for hygroscopic mineral nutrients which are used as e.g. feed additives. The mineral feed silos ensure a constantly dry mineral feed quality without disruptive lumps. Our silo experts...

  • External Silo

    External Silo

    Our flexible A.B.S. external silos consist of a breathable, uncoated, high-strength, high-tech fabric. The casing and the roof cover made from coated polyester fabric as well as the galvanised steel construction make the external silos weather-proof. You will benefit from all advantages of the flexible silos over solid silos: There is no caking and no formation of mould caused by condensate. Your animal feed is protected against spoiling and remains...

  • Wood Pellet Silos

  • Flexilo  - Model MAXI - Wood Pellet Silo

    Flexilo - Model MAXI - Wood Pellet Silo

    Flexible storage solutions for pellet heating systems from 50 kW - Flexilo MAXI fabric tanks store large quantities of wood pellets without wasting space.Umweltbewusst heizen und gleichzeitig durch Fördergelder und geringe Betriebskosten Geld sparen. Das macht Pellet-Großanlagen vor allem für kommunale Einrichtungen wie Schulen, Gemeindehäuser und Kindergärten so interessant.

  • Flexilo  - Flexible Wood Pellet Silo

    Flexilo - Flexible Wood Pellet Silo

    The Flexilo MODULE is a special space-saving and diverse fabric silo for wood pellets.It is specially designed for spaces with low ceilings starting at 1.80 m in height and offers up to 60% more filling volume with the same floor space as that of a classical silo design. Due to its flexible module arrangement, this fabric tank can be optimally adapted to existing spaces and is thus the perfect solution for area rehabilitations.

  • Flexilo  - Weather Proof Outdoor Silo

    Flexilo - Weather Proof Outdoor Silo

    The weather–proof silo for the outdoor area.The Flexilo AUSSEN consists of a breathable, uncoated, high strength High-Tech-fabric.The galvanized steel construction, the jacket cover and ceiling cover which are made of a coated polyester fabric make the silo weather-resistant. In comparison to rigid silos no formation of condensation arises in our Flexilos. The filling line is fixed under the ceiling cover and on the jacket cover, this ensures a...