A.E.G. Agro Equipment Group S.C.

AGRO EQUIPMENT GROUP is an export Consortium including a group of little and middle enterprises specialized in the production of machines and equipment for agriculture, irrigation and environment. The group has its place in Emilia Romagna, the Italian region internationally known as the capital of agricultural mechanics and also well-known for the system of little and middle enterprises characterizing its prosperous economy, one of the most solid and rich of Italy. The Consortium distinguishes itself for the reliability and the simplicity of its products, being also able to provide to customers and retailers a full range of machines and tools for irrigation, ground cultivation, sowing, dunging and protection of the environment.

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Via Don Zeffirino Iodi, 3 , Reggio Emilia , 42121 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)
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The AGRO EQUIPMENT GROUP is a consortium for internationalisation accredited with the Regione Emilia-Romagna, focussed on the agricultural-mechanical sector..

Set up in 2001, its operational and administrative headquarters are located in Reggio Emilia right in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region which has always been the cradle of important, cutting edge companies in this sector.

The consortium’s members are Emilia-Romagna based SME with many years’ experience, specialized in producing machines and equipment for agriculture, working the land, sowing, fertilizing, irrigating and protecting the environment.

Because of the size of the partner companies and the particular structure of the consortium itself, flexible solutions can be tailored to the requirements of each customer; 'turnkey” solutions can also be offered thanks to the complementarity of the products which more than meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

COLLABORATION between the partners and the SHARING of know-how and aims have always been the driving force of this pool of companies. The TRANPARENCY and INVOLVEMENT of each member in the managerial and operational decisions means that each partner feels an integral part of a continuously evolving team, pursuing the target of growth and expansion.

Our slogan was born from these values which describe and identify us: TOGETHER TO GIVE YOU THE MOST!


The consortium’s aim is to make its name known the world over together with the brand names of its partners, to support its members in promoting and making their products known and to boost their presence in foreign markets by organising and taking part in promotional activities such as:

  • fairs all over the world;
  • B2B meetings;
  • workshops;
  • advertising;
  • researching foreign distributors;
  • market research and studies;
  • preparing catalogues;
  • and anything else the partners may require.