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  • All Scale Europe Prodcuts

  • Bench Scales

    Bench Scales

    We are pleased to be appointed as the UK representative of All Scales Europe. We are able to offer a wide range of product weighing systems.Ideal for packhouses is our scale with a quick view traffic light system. This allow you to set the weight giveaway maximum and minimum.These scales are instant weight - no settling required. Rechargeable batteries or main supply - no poor quality cables. Available ex stock.

  • Field Recording Systems

    Field Recording Systems

    In field weight recording systems. Accurate weighing systems with in field print outs for accurate recording of harvest weights from piecework labour. Ensure accurate no quibble records.Also records full field data. Simple cost effective easy to use system for even the largest of picking teams.

  • Asparagus Weighing and Binding

  • Asparagus Weighing and Binding

    Asparagus Weighing and Binding

    Available with or without weighing cradle, this versatile machine enables you to wrap, tighter and knot numerous products – ideal for bunching asparagus. Weigh in the cradle and rotate to bind with elastic string. Wide string and raffia available. Machine can be pre-set to customers’ desired weights. Single phase, cycle time, less than 1 second.

  • Bagioni Harvesting Equipment

  • Bagioni - Battery Powered Gantry

    Bagioni - Battery Powered Gantry

    Bagioni manufacture this unique machine for walk behind harvesting. Automatic stop – sensor. Battery powered, Varible speed. Able to lift polythene cloches for under harvesting.

  • Courgette Harvester

    Courgette Harvester

    2 operating places. Two 12V – 120A batteries. Battery charger: 220V. Battery lifetime: 8/10 hours. Speed: 0 to 4 km/h ( 0 – 2.48 mph ). Mean harvest: 0.1 ton/h ( 45.4 lb/h.). Programmable electronic brake. Programmable acceleration. CE-marked machine. Box supports.

  • Model WHI/WHG - Asparagus Harvester

    Model WHI/WHG - Asparagus Harvester

    Electrically Operated Asparagus Harvester. 4 tubular batteries 6 V – 240 A + 220V (125 or 240 V on request). Speed reverse control with electronic brake. Battery lifetime: 8/10 hours (= 15 km). Speed: 0 to 5 km/h. Mean harvesting speed: 1.3 km/h ( 0.8 mph ). Programmable acceleration. CE-marked machine. Hydraulic suspension. Support for up to 5 boxes. Easy to maintain.

  • Field Equipment and Cultivation

  • Film Winder

    Film Winder

    New Bagioni film rewinders available. Electronic speed control. Hydraulic motor. Easy spool change. Strong build for pocketted film recovery.

  • Strauss Grading and Bunching Machinery

  • Strauss - Automatic Bunchers

    Strauss - Automatic Bunchers

    Strauss automatic bunchers double band product with rubber band at a rate of 26 bunches per minute. All bunches are regular with the exact positioning of the rubber bands at the top and bottom of each bunch. Weighed bunches are placed in the cups which pass through the buncher. Knives cut the band from band tubing to the desired width.A gripper then takes the band and stretches it over the bunch. Bunching heads either side of the line simultaneously...