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  • PHLAUER - Aquaculture & Pet Food Mixers

    PHLAUER - Aquaculture & Pet Food Mixers

    PHLAUER™ Mixers are ideal for coating, and we have a lot of experience in handling of liquids and spraying. Our machines are smaller and have lower operating costs. The mixers have no shear so they do not damage. The fast mixing of 30 seconds means all the product is passing under the spraying system for even coating. The particle movement is fast so small coatings can be put on evenly. We have a lab test for doing 20 grams per ton and achieved...

  • PHLAUER - Double Rotor Mixers

    PHLAUER - Double Rotor Mixers

    PHLAUER double rotor horizontal batch mixers mix in 30 SECONDS to Cv. 5%. Each rotor is an independent mixer and adding two rotors also adds a dynamic interchange between them that reduces mix time, and makes them ideal for adding liquids. It will mix different sizes and weights of particles.

  • PHLAUER - Liquid Addition Equipment for Industrial Mixers

    PHLAUER - Liquid Addition Equipment for Industrial Mixers

    The PHLAUER mixer can add more liquid and we have more technology than most other mixer companies. Both the single and dual shaft are good for adding liquid. The rotor has organized transport with all particles moving at 210 feet per minute or one meter per second. This feature allows several methods of adding liquids depending upon particles size and weight, viscosity of the liquid, and absorbency without creating agglomerations.

  • Mixer Dryers

    Mixer Dryers

    Mixer dryers serve well the volume niche between tray dryers and fluid beds or rotary drums. When you have to load trays for 1,000 lb. (500 kg.) per hour, it is a lot of handling. This is where you can automate a small mixer dryer and save the labor. Drying requires temperature, time, air movement, and contact with the product. A mixer dryer has good temperature control of the product, so friable products can be dried.

  • Agitated Surge

    Agitated Surge

    An agitated surge is a temporary storage device that is used to maintain product free-flowing that can set up with time in a hopper. The second use is to make a low profile hopper that won’t flow so the surge directs material to an outlet valve. The agitation can be a ribbon or paddles turning at very slow speed. The unit picture below is directly under an air receiver and is handling zylitol. The unit withstands full vacuum and will withstand...