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A.J. Sackett & Sons Company has served the Fertilizer Industry, offering basic engineering, process and systems design, and equipment manufactured specifically to meet fertilizer’s demanding requirements. For more than 100 years our customers have known that when they specify Sackett equipment they will receive quality equipment. Quality is built into every product we sell. We take great pride in our reputation for quality and service and work very hard to exceed our customers’ expectations. We design, manufacture and service equipment systems for the worldwide fertilizer industry. Our equipment can be found in all types of fertilizer businesses on every continent. Our experienced engineering staff develop concepts and design solutions for all Sackett equipment and processes.

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1701 S. Highland Avenue , Baltimore , Maryland 21224 USA

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Global Solutions for the Fertilizer Industry Since 1897. Our Commitment: To supply the Fertilizer industry with innovative solutions, high quality equipment and exceptional service.

The A. J. Sackett & Sons Company is a Baltimore, Maryland, USA-based manufacturer of dry bulk processing systems. Founded in 1897, the company now has sales worldwide. We specialize in equipment and systems for the fertilizer industry. Our company supports industry trade associations. We are members of the The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), International Fertilizer Association (IFA), Agricultural Retailers Association and The Fertilizer Round Table. Sackett personnel serve on the board of the Fertilizer Round Table and the Fertilizer Institute. We also participate in worldwide forums on the fertilizer industry. A. J. Sackett is known for their in-depth knowledge of fertilizer processes and for their heavy duty equipment .

We Manufacture: With more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we have the facilities, machinery, and skilled personnel to manufacture the systems we design.

We Service: Our reputation is built on long-term relationships with our customers. We know that our success depends on your success, and we are determined to exceed your expectations. We provide detailed assembly drawings and manuals, and after the sale, quick and accurate parts support.

What Our Focus Is
For more than 100 years, our focus has been on serving every aspect of the fertilizer industry. We continue to develop innovative technologies for today and the future. In addition to traditional fertilizer production, Sackett is on the leading edge in developing new processes , including new methods to produce granular fertilizer from by­products such as ammonium sulfate and organic waste streams. As raw material availability varies, Sackett continues to develop granulation processes that work effectively with a wide variety of inputs.

Sackett’s engineering staff is dedicated to efficiently combining engineering theory and best practice with extensive experience to bring our clients the best designs possible.

Our approach is one of specialization and not broad-stroke supply as with many firms. We feel that with a specific concentration, we can maintain the latest, most efficient system and equipment designs.

Sackett’s focus is on the production, distribution and blending of fertilizers. This area accounts for 95% of our business. There are a few other industries in which we work that closely parallel the designs we undertake. These areas are rotary Calciners, Cement Handling Equipment and Salt Handling Equipment.

Sackett’s engineering scope typically includes the Basic Engineering for a complete project and Detail Engineering for the Equipment. Our engineering staff includes Mechanical, Agricultural, and Process Engineers. These engineers are complimented by a full staff of detail designers and draftsmen.

With Sackett’s extensive experience and engineering resources, clients typically come to Sackett at the infancy of a project to develop the system concept and design parameters. This stage involves a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, goals, infrastructure and restraints. From that point, a Design Basis can be created along with relevant Site Layout, Mass and Energy Balances (if applicable), Equipment Design, Equipment General Arrangements and Budgetary Pricing. We look at projects as a team approach. All designs are reviewed with the client each step of the way so that everyone’s needs are addressed. Once a design is selected, equipment detail engineering is started which result in Process Flow Diagrams, Certified General Arrangement Drawings, Anchor Bolt and Loading Drawings, P&I Diagrams, Equipment Fabrication Drawings, Utilities Lists, and Control Narratives. Fabrication drawings are utilized by our fabrication shops to construct the equipment.

Sackett understands the importance of an integrated system where process, equipment, pollution control, mechanical, electrical, automation, etc., must work hand-in-hand. This is why we have the staff necessary to offer a complete system or to provide efficient data for outside firms to develop the detail engineering to support our equipment and operate the plant as an integrated system.

Our expertise covers a wide range of systems. Our engineers design projects ranging from Retail Bulk Blend Plants to large Bulk Terminals to Granulation and Compaction Plants. This experience provides a huge benefit to the client as technologies, experiences, developments, etc., can be shared across product lines. With this, for example, a client ordering a blend plant takes advantage of design reviews by process and mechanical engineers looking much deeper into blend materials, coating applications, trace elements, automation, etc., that will optimize the design of the plant.

We at Sackett are proud of our long history and earned reputation. We feel our approach, dedication to and diversity within the fertilizer industry and multidisciplinary engineering staff put us in a unique position to offer the best designs and equipment to our clients.