A.J. Sackett and Sons Company

We have the most innovative line of fertilizer plant and terminal equipment available. For blending, Sackett offers both Tower Blend Systems and Loss in Weight Blend systems; both of which utilize different and more advanced technology then traditional systems. We have pioneered Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer development from this side of process engineering and equipment design for controlled release coatings (urethane, etc), concentrated/powder micronutrient dispersion in blends, micronutrient coatings, etc.

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1701 S. Highland Avenue , Baltimore , Maryland 21224 USA

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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for environmental applications.
Please, visit their profile in environmental-expert.com for more info.

To provide the worldwide fertilizer industry with the best in process design and equipment systems to meet customized requirements.

The A. J. Sackett & Sons Company is a Baltimore, Maryland USA based manufacturer of dry bulk processing systems. Founded in 1897, the company now has sales worldwide. We specialize in equipment and systems for the fertilizer industry. Our company supports industry trade associations. We are members of the The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), International Fertilizer Association (IFA), Agricultural Retailers Association and The Fertilizer Round Table. Sackett personnel serve on the board of the Fertilizer Round Table and the Fertilizer Institute. We also participate in worldwide forums on the fertilizer industry. A. J. Sackett is known for their in depth knowledge of fertilizer processes and for their heavy duty equipment .