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  • Agricultural Trailers

  • Model SR Series - Agricultural Trailers

    Model SR Series - Agricultural Trailers

    The new SR series of trailers, on the other hand, is characterized by the high unloading speed needed for optimum cereal transfer, without the combined harvester having to stop. The high unloading speeds are made possible by external extraction augers with 500 mm diameter that, combined with the sturdiness of a gear reducer transmission, make it possible to unload the trailer in just a few minutes.

  • Model TC CSR - Endless Auger Unloading System

    Model TC CSR - Endless Auger Unloading System

    For over 40 years, the endless auger unloading system, with cardan joint device and gear reducer in oil bath, has been used and appreciated for its sturdiness, extraction speed and reliability in all conditions. This technology permits a good compromise between extraction speed and versatility, making it possible to unload onto silos up to 9 meters tall.

  • Mechanics

  • Augers


    Over the years, ALI Meccanica has improved its production capacity in terms of both quantity and quality. ALI is now able to manufacture mechanical components upon design, on commission, and to design plants or machinery. The types of project managed include: Plants with augers for the transportation of materials such as biomass, wooden chips, animal feed and granulated products in general. Starch mixers for the food wrapping paper sector. Hydraulic...

  • Ice Silos

  • Ice Mini-Silos

    Ice Mini-Silos

    The flake ice silos manufactured by ALI Meccanica are synonymous with efficiency and absolute reliability. Flake ice silos are machines that have to operate in a range of different conditions, as they are one of the parts of a system that must not malfunction (fishing or process chemistry sectors). The main characteristic of our SILOS and MINISILOS for the storage and automatic extraction of ice is undoubtedly that of being able to extract the ice on...