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Improved milk quality doesn’t need to be difficult to attain. The A&L Laboratories family of products provides dairy producers with an easy way to reduce somatic cell and total bacterial counts. Our products for animal care and equipment sanitation have been shown to protect milk quality from the cow to the cooling tank. As a result, your dairy business will be rewarded with higher milk premiums now and a reputation for quality that will serve you well in the future.

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1001 Glenwood Ave N. , Minneapolis , Minnesota 55405 USA

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A long and reliable history of excellence

For more than 60 years, A&L Laboratories has discovered, developed and manufactured new and better ways to help you care for your animals and produce higher-quality milk. From cleaners and sanitizers to udder health products, A&L has a long history of focusing on the answers to the most difficult food and milk quality challenges.

In 2000, A&L Laboratories became a subsidiary of Hypred Ltd., a Roullier Group company, and gained instant access to worldwide research and product development. With this support, A&L Laboratories is now on the cutting edge of new technology for the food and dairy industry, providing high quality, effective and environmentally friendly hygiene solutions.
Passionate about profitable milk quality

We are dedicated to improving food hygiene — from the farm to the processing plant — with high-performance cleaners and animal hygiene products.

Our ultimate goal is to create innovative hygiene technologies that improve our customers’ product quality, production and overall success. We are a results-oriented company that prides itself on manufacturing expertise and product innovation with strong customer focus and business integrity.

We are passionate about milk and food quality. Our team of experts dedicate themselves to research, innovative technology and consistent performances that are recognized around the world. Through our new ideas, value-adding products and exceptional service, A&L Laboratories delivers solutions to the challenges our customers face..