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Products by Terex

  • Ecotec Range - Biomass Chippers

  • Model TBC 435 - Whole Tree Chipper

    Model TBC 435 - Whole Tree Chipper

    TEE industrial wood chippers are the most productive and reliable wood chippers in the world and the TBC 435 is no exception. This compact and reliable whole tree chipper consistently out-produces the competition by up to 50% on a daily basis and has a high-production capability of 100-plus tons per hour.

  • Ecotec Range - Windrow Turner

  • Model TWT 500 - Windrow Turner

    Model TWT 500 - Windrow Turner

    Provided with optimized features for economic efficiency and performance, the TWT 500 is the ideal windrow turner for operators who recycle great amounts of waste in confined spaces. This windrow turner provides the best possible control of the composting process, which makes for an economically-friendly operation.

  • Material Transfer Devices

    The Terex MS2 windrow pickup machine is a low-cost alterative to material transfer vehicles. Similar to MTVs, the MS2 establishes continuous, non-contact paving mat quality. Contractors also realize a reduction in segregation by using the MS2, especially truck end segregation. The Terex MS4 material transfer device delivers non-stop paving and asphalt reblending for improved mat quality. Similar to the MS2, the MS4 attaches to and is maneuvered by the paver, eliminating the need for an addit

Products by Rotobec Inc.

  • Forestry

  • Rotobec - Log Grapples

    Rotobec - Log Grapples

    RT model rotations feature continuous rotation.RT models to match any machine and application.Patented design by Rotobec.

  • Rotobec - Pulpwood Grapples

    Rotobec - Pulpwood Grapples

    Pulpwood grapples are designed for handling short wood in piles at the road side or mill yard. Synchronized jaws and specially designed jaw curvature allows for excellent control over the load. For partial loads a holding chain is an available option to keep the wood in place.

  • Scrap

  • Rotobec - Contractor Grapple

    Rotobec - Contractor Grapple

    For Use In: Scrap, Waste, Forestry, Grinding, Construction, Demolition, Utility Services. Kits available for both a fixed lower jaw or with an optional tool cylinder.

Products by Ponsse Plc

  • Harvesters

  • Bear - 8-Wheeler Harvester

    Bear - 8-Wheeler Harvester

    The 8-wheeler PONSSE Bear is the largest harvester in the Ponsse product range and an unbeatable powerhouse for thick trees and demanding conditions. The product upgrade focuses on efficiency, structural endurance and ease of maintenance and use. At the same time, Bear has seen a complete facelift.

  • SCORPIONKING - Eight Wheeler Harvester

    SCORPIONKING - Eight Wheeler Harvester

    The eight-wheeled ScorpionKing offers the best possible setting for efficient and productive work. The unique new crane solution offers excellent visibility in all directions, enabling smooth and flexible working whatever the conditions. Good visibility to both sides of the cabin allows for efficient and unlimited operation – the trees to be felled, felling direction and position of piles can be selected keeping efficiency and eco-friendliness...

  • Forwarders

  • Ponsse Elephantking - Model K100+ - Forwarder

    Ponsse Elephantking - Model K100+ - Forwarder

    The PONSSE ElephantKing forwarder is ideal for extremely demanding conditions and heavy loads. The ultimate tractive force, a powerful engine and a staggering 20-tonne carrying capacity guarantee efficient timber transportation on both steep sites and during long transports. The PONSSE ElephantKing's title as the most effective loader on the market is based on its exceptionally powerful PONSSE K100+ loader, a load space with a cross-sectional area of...

  • Elephant - Forwarders

    Elephant - Forwarders

    The PONSSE Elephant forwarder carries your loads with unprecedented speed and transport efficiency. The torque and tractive force of this powerhouse with an 18-tonne carrying capacity have been designed for extremely demanding purposes and conditions.

  • Dual Harwarders

  • BUFFALODUAL - Model K90Dual+ - Dual Harwarder

    BUFFALODUAL - Model K90Dual+ - Dual Harwarder

    PONSSE BuffaloDual is an effective harvester and strong forwarder all in one - economically at the operating costs of a single machine. PONSSE BuffaloDual can be converted from harvester to forwarder and back in just minutes. Its technology has been tested in practice, being at the solid Ponsse level familiar from other models. PONSSE BuffaloDual flexibly supplements the capacity of standard machines, and excels at sites where flexibility is the key....

  • Harvester Heads

  • Model H10  - Harvester Heads

    Model H10 - Harvester Heads

    The new PONSSE H10 processing head offers unbeatable quality and productivity to a new size class. PONSSE H10 is designed and built for heavy-duty processing work in hard conditions. Robust structure, strong grip and powerful feeding guarantee high efficiency and reliability thru the years.

  • Model H8  - Harvester Heads

    Model H8 - Harvester Heads

    The PONSSE H8 is a supremely robust and powerful harvester head for demanding work on large tree stands. It has superior performance relative to its size; a powerful feed and excellent geometry capable of supporting even large trunks ensure extremely high rates of productivity.

  • Model H7 - Harvester Heads

    Model H7 - Harvester Heads

    The PONSSE H7 is a supremely compact, robust and powerful harvester head for demanding work at final felling sites. The small outer dimensions, powerful feed and excellent power-to-weight ratio guarantee productivity in both softwood and hardwood harvesting. Accurate automatic control ensures good cutting The PONSSE H7 is a supremely compact, robust and powerful harvester head for demanding work at final felling sites. The small outer dimensions,...

  • Model H6 - Harvester Heads

    Model H6 - Harvester Heads

    The efficiency, economy and compact size of the PONSSE H6 harvester head makes it the best general harvester head on the market. The PONSSE H6 harvester head is highly versatile, and its use ranges from thinning sites with small trees to regeneration felling.

  • Model H5 - Harvester Heads

    Model H5 - Harvester Heads

    The PONSSE H5 harvester head brings the productivity of thinning to a completely new level. Working is fast and smooth and the design pays special attention to multi-stemming, in particular. Combined with a structure that facilitates easy maintenance, H5 truly meets the new requirements set by loggers.