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  • Roll Screen Systems

    Roll Screen Systems

    The installation of a roll screen system in the wall girders is usually a delicate and complicated task. The people from A&N LUITEN BV know it all. A proper installation and precise assembly by the LUITEN mechanics guarantees a long technical life path without malfunctions.

  • Cabrio Greenhouse

    Cabrio Greenhouse

    MX 1 system  with a driving-shaft under the ridge and 1 motor so that both halfs can open simultaneously. MX 2 system with a double trellis-girder ventilation system so that both bay-halfs can open independantly  MX 4 system, similar to the MX 2 Cabriosysteem, with the possibility that  one bay-half can close to a deeper position, so that ventilation is possible during rain.

  • Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo Greenhouse

    Luiten Greenhouses designs and builds modern production greenhouses all over the world. At the design stage all requirements of the client serve as a starting-point of the ultimate design.