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  • Roll Screen Systems

    Roll Screen Systems

    The installation of a roll screen system in the wall girders is usually a delicate and complicated task. The people from A&N LUITEN BV know it all. A proper installation and precise assembly by the LUITEN mechanics guarantees a long technical life path without malfunctions.

  • Cabrio Greenhouse

    Cabrio Greenhouse

    MX 1 system  with a driving-shaft under the ridge and 1 motor so that both halfs can open simultaneously. MX 2 system with a double trellis-girder ventilation system so that both bay-halfs can open independantly  MX 4 system, similar to the MX 2 Cabriosysteem, with the possibility that  one bay-half can close to a deeper position, so that ventilation is possible during rain.

  • Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo Greenhouse

    Luiten Greenhouses designs and builds modern production greenhouses all over the world. At the design stage all requirements of the client serve as a starting-point of the ultimate design.

  • Horizontal Screens

    Horizontal Screens

    Luiten Greenhouses can provide a solution for any type of greenhouse that will result in the most favourable return on investment. We can install pull-wire installations as well as push-pull systems with rack and pinions. All types of screening cloth, that are available, can be supplied so that you can get an optimal result in your crop. Also for maintenance and service you came to the right place: a frequent and efficient maintenance will extend the...

  • Black-out Screens and Light Reduction

    Black-out Screens and Light Reduction

    A black-out screen installation requires extra attention and care and should not have any flaws. Any intrusion of light should made impossible. Luiten Greenhouses can advise you how to integrate the installation in your existing or new greenhouse. A combination of a well-designed system and experienced mechanics will result in an optimal system. Luiten Greenhouses has been working in this field for more than 20 years and can supply any type of...