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  • Hummerbee - Model XL - Forklift Machine

    Hummerbee - Model XL - Forklift Machine

    Grow your business faster with the Hummerbee XL. With a 1600 lb lift capacity and the reliable Kubota diesel engine, the Hummerbee is the perfect aid in accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Whether you are moving beehives, unloading boxes of blueberries, or transporting bales of hay, you will do it more effeciently with the XL. A variety of options are available to help tailor the machine to meet your specific needs.

  • Hummerbee - Model XT - Forklift Machine

    Hummerbee - Model XT - Forklift Machine

    The Hummerbee XT: a machine that is budget friendly yet can still complete the tasks that you will face on a daily basis. With a 1200 lb load capacity, and high torque output hydraulic wheel motors, the XT is a unique option for someone expanding their business and for new international consumers. And at a $9,000 savings over a standard Turbo, this is an extraordinary opportunity to get into a Hummerbee!

  • Hummerbee - Model Turbo - Industry Standard Machine

    Hummerbee - Model Turbo - Industry Standard Machine

    The Hummerbee Turbo is THE industry standard machine for beekeepers worldwide. With liquid filled tires, unsurpassed turbocharged diesel engine, and a 2 speed hydraulic transmission, it delivers a 2000 lb lift capacity while maximizing low end torque and increasing overall top speed. And with the nitrogen charged load cushion and hydraulic foot pedal, you can be sure that your load stays undisturbed in the harshest of conditions.

  • Model XRT - Control Unit

    Model XRT - Control Unit

    For apiaries and orchards who just want the best. Built with comfort and function in mind, the XRT implements a host of features that will help you get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And for those who are looking for that extra lifting power, the XRT’s 3000 lb capacity is the best in its class and will allow you to do more with less.