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  • Model FS 55 - Lawn & Garden Equipment

    Model FS 55 - Lawn & Garden Equipment

    Reliable lawn and garden equipment combined with a well stocked parts department and trained service team, we at A.R.K. New Tech Ltd. are ready for your seasons needs.

  • Grain Handling and Drying

  • A.R.K. - Grain Dryers

    A.R.K. - Grain Dryers

    The function of a grain dryer or grain drying system is to reduce the time required from between the crop being mature, and the harvested grain being in storage and ready for market.

  • A.R.K. - Pneumatic Conveyers

    A.R.K. - Pneumatic Conveyers

    Pneumatic conveying may be defined as a continuous and flexible transporting method for dry bulk particles through a pipeline by either a negative (suction) or a positive (blowing) pressure air stream. Basically it consists of a tubing system in which a granular product is carried. Suction systems are commonly used for the recovery of products from bulk storage and transferring it to a new location a short distance away. Pressure systems are used when...

  • A.R.K. - Motors & Controls Systems

    A.R.K. - Motors & Controls Systems

    We carry industrial quality electric motors and controls, specially designed for farm duty. Extra high torque. Single phase designs up to 15 hp.. Capacitor start and repulsion induction types. Totally enclosed, fan-cooled with gasketted conduit boxes. Instant reversing models available. Replacement crop dryer motors in stock.