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  • Grain-Watch - Model GWSL - Temperature Cables

    Grain-Watch - Model GWSL - Temperature Cables

    Grain temperature monitoring is the only effective method to ensure your commodity is stored under optimal conditions by detecting “hot spots” caused by grain respiration, moisture, insect infestation, mold or fungus. Temperature probes hung inside the silo can register these “hot spots” and alert the operator to take action to avoid loss of quality and commercial value, or even spoilage. Considering the commercial value of the...

  • Grain-Watch - Model GWTL-R - Temperature Spears

    Grain-Watch - Model GWTL-R - Temperature Spears

    The Grain-Watch temperature spears are fitted with our high quality digital sensors and innovative 1-wire system and are designed for grain temperature monitoring in flat bottom bins. Grain temperature monitoring and managing can be carried out with the Grain-Watch PC system or our hand-held temperature monitoring unit. Our temperature monitoring spears and cables are compatible and can be integrated into one system. The Grain-Watch temperature...

  • Grain-Watch - Model GW-200 - Hand Reader

    Grain-Watch - Model GW-200 - Hand Reader

    Rugged hand-held temperature monitoring unit with two intuitive buttons and backlit display. Enables easy handling and reading, even in dimmer locations. At the push of a button you get the temperature readings from all sensors, from the bottom to the top. After reading the temperature values, the GW-200 automatically displays the sensor with the highest temperature value. The buttons enable scrolling between sensors. Runs on two AA-type batteries....

  • Grain-Watch - Fan Relay Unit

    Grain-Watch - Fan Relay Unit

    Combined with the Outdoor Temperature Sensor GW-rHS01 and the PC Software, the Grain-Watch® PLCK-USB Fan Relay is used for automatic silo aeration. When the trip levels for relative air humidity, air temperature and grain temperature set in the software are triggered, the GW-PLCK-USB Fan Relay starts silo aeration automatically. The unit is available with 4, 10, and 26 relay outputs. The GW-PLCK-USB Fan Relay connects to the PC via two USB...