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  • Fish Traps

    Fish Traps

    As a trap maker, Scandi Net is a pacesetter. We engage in continual product development efforts to make the traps ever more effective, lighter in weight, easier-to-handle and seal-safe. Scandi Net is always willing to serve and find the best solution for each customer. We have everything a professional fisherman needs.

  • Fish Farming Nets

    Fish Farming Nets

    As fish farms vary in size, nets of different sizes are needed: large and small, high and low. Scandi Net’s strengths include a high standard of quality, intimate knowledge of the harsh conditions in Finland, and service-mindedness guaranteeing that each buyer receives a customised net in accordance with their order. We provide excellent quality, reliability and consistency to exact customer specifications.

  • Landing Nets

  • Floats & Buoys

  • PVC Floats

    PVC Floats

    The PVC-floats witch adopt the advanced arts and crafts.

  • Model DF - Buoys

    Model DF - Buoys

    Buoys can sustain most forces, and perfectly live up to the stringent demands for effectivity and safety in use.

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  • Feeding Systems

  • AeroSpreader - Feed Broadcasters

    AeroSpreader - Feed Broadcasters

    Hopper capacities from 50 kg to 8000 kg. Can be delivered as stationary, mobile, or trailer mounted. Gas or diesel powered with centrifugal blower. For optimal feed distribution in your farm see the optional options Periscope Feed Head,

  • MiniMax - Automated Feed Delivery System

    MiniMax - Automated Feed Delivery System

    MiniMax  Series Feed Delivery Systems show their farm versatility when ordered as a dual purpose feed pellet broadcaster and a feed pipe feed delivery system to floating Aerite  Feed Spreaders or Aerite  Cyclonic Decelerators for timed feed dispensing.  A specially configured air/feed outlet manifold with quick connect couplers provides speedy feed hose change out between our Periscope Feed Head assembly used on our...

  • AutoSpreader - Model RAS - Fish Feed Pellet Automatic Feeders

    AutoSpreader - Model RAS - Fish Feed Pellet Automatic Feeders

    Fish feed pellet automatic feeders for tank or raceway applications. Centerless auger designed to distribute feed across the entire surface or selected portions of tanks or raceways. Reduce competition with broad-face feed drop. Operator set feed delivery duration and amount using PLC controller. No feed dust.

  • Aerite - Feed Spinner

    Aerite - Feed Spinner

    Engineered to broadcast fish feed pellets 360-degrees, up to 30 meters diameter. Can be placed in a pond, on a barge, or on floats in a cages. 200 kg or 500 kg hopper capacity. Unrestricted feed pellet flow from hopper to spinner outlet. Minimum feed drop distance from hopper outlet to spinner for optimum feed trajectory and spread. Manually adjustable settings for spinner nozzle and feed dispensing auger. Automatic feed dispensing times and...

  • Feed Handling System

    Feed Handling System

    Conveyor or auger driven feed loaders designed for single operator control. Retain best feed pellet integrity with minimum feed handling.