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  • Fish Traps

    Fish Traps

    As a trap maker, Scandi Net is a pacesetter. We engage in continual product development efforts to make the traps ever more effective, lighter in weight, easier-to-handle and seal-safe. Scandi Net is always willing to serve and find the best solution for each customer. We have everything a professional fisherman needs.

  • Fish Farming Nets

    Fish Farming Nets

    As fish farms vary in size, nets of different sizes are needed: large and small, high and low. Scandi Net’s strengths include a high standard of quality, intimate knowledge of the harsh conditions in Finland, and service-mindedness guaranteeing that each buyer receives a customised net in accordance with their order. We provide excellent quality, reliability and consistency to exact customer specifications.

  • Landing Nets

  • Floats & Buoys

  • PVC Floats

    PVC Floats

    The PVC-floats witch adopt the advanced arts and crafts.

  • Model DF - Buoys

    Model DF - Buoys

    Buoys can sustain most forces, and perfectly live up to the stringent demands for effectivity and safety in use.

Products by AquaProcess ApS

  • PescaPex  - Pipe for Automatic Fish Feeding Systems

    PescaPex - Pipe for Automatic Fish Feeding Systems

    PescaPex Pipe = advanced piping system.  PescaPex Pipe is a well-known product from the housing and the mining industry. In the mining industry, it is used in a rough environment which often is corrosive with temperatures up to 65 degr. C, and pressure up to 13 bar. Therefore you can expect that the PescaPex Pipes will have a very long life in the feeding system. We have seen it up and running for at least 15 years in a farm the...

  • Fish Farms Equipment

    Fish Farms Equipment

    Good practice in fish farming is often depending on good equipment. This goes from feeding over grading to transport of the fish, as all carried out in a careful way, taking the well-being of the fish into account. Also good net-washing equipment is giving clean nets, resulting in a continuous water flow in the cages, again ensuring the highest possible level of oxygen in the cages. We therefore offer a range of equipment which can...

  • Hydrotech Filters

    Hydrotech Filters

    Aquaprocess is very proud to announce that Veolia has appointed our company to distribute their high performing range of Hydrotech filters. Hydrotech was founded in 1984 when the Company introduced a new patented design that revolutionized filter technology. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and know-how, Hydrotech is able to provide you with cost-efficient filters of great quality and the support that you can count on. Our systems are...