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  • Abbi-Aerotech - Dairy Barn Fans

    Abbi-Aerotech - Dairy Barn Fans

    Thanks to professionalism and experience, Abbi-Aerotech. has become one of the leading suppliers of fans for poultry buildings. Abbi-Aerotech is continuing its development efforts to create reliable and high-quality products. Our product range includes both metal (Grower series), glass-fibre reinforced synthetic fans (Vortex series) and Abbi-Fan with flowdoor. They are pre-eminently suited for application in buildings with length and tunnel...

  • Abbi-Aerotech - Round Emitter

    Abbi-Aerotech - Round Emitter

    The round emitter and the specially designed shape of the reflector creates 2-3°C more heat at birds level with a maximum brooding zone and maintains the highest fuel efficiency. An al stainless steel construction makes the 'Mirage' virtually maintenance-free, it is easy to install and simple to maintain. All 'Mirage' heaters can be hooked up to an automatic gas control.

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