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  • Poultry Farms Ventilation and Cooling Systems

  • Abbi-Aerotech Aerocool - Poultry Farm Cooling Systems

    Abbi-Aerotech Aerocool - Poultry Farm Cooling Systems

    When a tunnel ventilation system is in place, it is relatively easy to add a cooling system. For this purpose so-called pads are used. Water is pumped across these pads and fans draw air through them. The resulting airflow makes the water evaporate and cools down the hot air. This cooler air is then drawn through the building. Depending on outside temperatures and humidity, the temperature can be lowered by 10-15 degrees.The pads are mounted inside a...

  • Abbi-Aerotech - Dairy Barn Fans

    Abbi-Aerotech - Dairy Barn Fans

    Thanks to professionalism and experience, Abbi-Aerotech. has become one of the leading suppliers of fans for poultry buildings. Abbi-Aerotech is continuing its development efforts to create reliable and high-quality products. Our product range includes both metal (Grower series), glass-fibre reinforced synthetic fans (Vortex series) and Abbi-Fan with flowdoor. They are pre-eminently suited for application in buildings with length and tunnel...

  • Abbi-Aerotech - Round Emitter

    Abbi-Aerotech - Round Emitter

    The round emitter and the specially designed shape of the reflector creates 2-3°C more heat at birds level with a maximum brooding zone and maintains the highest fuel efficiency. An al stainless steel construction makes the 'Mirage' virtually maintenance-free, it is easy to install and simple to maintain. All 'Mirage' heaters can be hooked up to an automatic gas control.

  • Dairy Farms Ventilation Systems

  • Abbi-Aerotech - Dairy Farm Cooling System

    Abbi-Aerotech - Dairy Farm Cooling System

    Extra Cooling can be provided by, for example, fitting a foggingsystem to the fans. A separate foggingsystem only works in combination with fans, whereby measures should be taken to prevent extreme humidity. A ring of high-preasure (70bar) spraying nozzles can be mounted to the fan, with a time clock or special regulator ensuring regular water atomisation. The very fine droplets evaporate quickly, lowering the air temperature by some 3 to 4 degrees.