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  • Abblox


    Abblox is the world leading sea based abalone culture system. At a cubic metre containment it is small enough to be used singly on an experimental farm or in thousands by a major producer. It can sit inter-tidally with internal concrete block anchorage, hang in units of one or four from exposed long-line systems or float in the ground-breaking structure designed by Fusion Marine using salmon cage technology. As with most successful inventions the...

  • Abcup


    Abcups are an integral part of the innovative Abblox system. These low cost sculpted oval discs provide a safe harbourage of choice for growing abalone up to 90mm long. The low cross sectional area and close packing means that the movement from 'crevice' to food is minimised along with energy expenditure. The six metre square of surface in the Chinese plate system is replicated within one Abblox by only 250 Abcups! Abcups can easily be integrated with...

  • Abkelp


    Abkelp is a new level of sustainable non-animal protein based abalone diet. Made from high quality kelp species it has great conversion ratio and long sea-based integrity, lasting up to 10 days. Abkelp allows farmers to alternate between wild or cultured seaweeds and dry rations as needed. Your abs do not need to go hungry because of labour or tidal conditions.

  • Ortac


    Ortac is the original and the best oyster farming cylinder system. Recently a new use has come to the fore, the effective intertidal culture of European Native Oysters Ostrea edulis. These oysters are usually reared at low density in subtidal beds, Ortac has changed all of that. With its unique forced upwelling flow system the Ortac mirrors low densities but within a small container. If production targets of 5Kg (60 oysters) are chosen, then good growing...