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  • Abetong - Long Line System

    Abetong - Long Line System

    The Abetong Long Line System was originally developed in 1960. It is characterized by the use of long casting beds in which sleepers are cast as continuous beams using quadruple moulds placed one after the other. The sleeper beams are left to cure inside the mould overnight and the day after cut into individual sleepers using a diamond cutting unit. The production method of Abetong starts with handling of incoming raw material and ends first when the...

  • Main Line Sleepers

    Main Line Sleepers

    Abetong has designed main line sleepers for the Swedish market and for license partners for more than sixty years. The design experience of Abetong covers sleepers for all various track applications, from heavy freight corridors to high speed railways, from broad to narrow gauge sleepers and for sleepers using all types of fastening systems available on the railway market.

  • Turnout Sleepers

    Turnout Sleepers

    Abetong was the first company worldwide to produce pre-stressed concrete turnout sleepers in series production. Through recent developments Abetong and its license partners are adding technical performances to its turnout sleepers, where the inclined rail seat areas now are used as standards both for shoulder and dowel based fastening solutions.  Turnouts equipped with concrete sleepers manufactured according to Abetongs know-how are rapidly...

  • Tuned Concrete Sleepers (TCS)

    Tuned Concrete Sleepers (TCS)

    The TCS is a concrete sleeper designed to replace creosote impregnated timber sleepers. The ban of using creosote is soon to be introduced in the European Community, requiring railway holders to search for an alternative sleeper to all secondary railway lines today equipped with timber sleepers. The TCS has been designed with the aim of imitating the timber sleepers in all relevant characteristics, facilitating for spot replacement in existing tracks...

  • Level Crossing Systems

    Level Crossing Systems

    TRAKSLAB is a cost-effective grade crossing system made of precast concrete. Despite the robustness the crossing is designed to facilitate for easy installation and dismantling during maintenance. The system consists of inner and outer concrete slabs and supporting beams. The supporting beams are equipped with rubber sections for a tight and secure fit towards the rail section. The outside slabs rest on the rail foot and supporting beams while the centre...