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Products by Neogen Corporation

  • Antibiotics

  • Uniprim - Antibiotics

    Uniprim - Antibiotics

    UNIPRIM is an FDA approved, fast-acting, powerful antibiotic for horses used to treat a wide spectrum of bacterial infections. A combination of 67 mg trimethoprim and 333 mg sulfadiazine per gram provides effective antibacterial activity. UNIPRIM was designed specifically for horses and is cost-effective when compared to other competitors.

  • Artificial Insemination

  • Ideal - Model A.I. - Infusion Tubes

    Ideal - Model A.I. - Infusion Tubes

    Drilled infusion tubes have one uniquely drilled end which allows for a tight fit with any standard luer-tip syringe, eliminating the need for connector adapters. Made from high quality polymers with round, smooth and polished ends for easier insertion. 25 tubes/ bag, 40 bags/case.

  • Ideal - Model A.I. - Syringe

    Ideal - Model A.I. - Syringe

    This stainless steel syringe gun will seat both ½cc (0.5 mL) and ¼cc (0.25 mL) semen straws, just by changing the direction of the barrel, O-ring style uses slit sheaths with green insert. 17.5' long.

  • Cito Straw Cutter

    Cito Straw Cutter

    Designed to quickly cut off the sealed end of semen straws. It is made of non-corrosive plastic with a stainless steel blade which cuts off the proper length with a push of the button. Easy to disassemble and wash without tools. 2.25' (5.72cm) diameter.

  • Antibiotic Residue Diagnostics

  • Penzyme - Milk Test Kit

    Penzyme - Milk Test Kit

    Penzyme is an enzymatic test that permits fast detection in milk of beta lactam antibiotics used in the prevention and treatment of cattle diseases, in particular mastitis.

  • Balling Guns

  • Model Ideal - Metal Balling Gun

    Model Ideal - Metal Balling Gun

    Sturdy balling guns feature metal fabrication to resist corrosion for long, trouble-free service. The heads are reinforced for extra strength to resist breakage.

  • Ideal - Model 4013 - Multi Bolus Balling Gun

    Ideal - Model 4013 - Multi Bolus Balling Gun

    The Multi-Bolus Balling Gun was designed for delivery of up to six boluses. The trigger action dispenses one bolus with each squeeze of the handle. Multiple bolus doses are delivered quickly and easily with little stress to the animal and operator. Administers six 240-gram capsules and is 17 1/2' long.

  • Blankets

  • Calf Pullers

  • Dr. Franks - Calf Pullers

    Dr. Franks - Calf Pullers

    Dr. Frank’s Calf Puller is the original obstetrical instrument developed by B.N. Frank, DVM, a specialist in veterinary obstetrics. Dr. Frank’s is a precision instrument that has proven its effectiveness year after year in thousands of calving cases.

  • Calf Eze - Calf Puller

    Calf Eze - Calf Puller

    Calf-Eze is engineered for the user that prefers a dual action pull, or zig-zag motion, instead of a single action pull instrument. Calf-Eze is superior to ratchet-style pullers that rely on grooved shafts with sharp edges and hard-to-clean grooves. Calf-Eze utilizes the same non-slip cam traction system as the Dr. Frank’s Calf Puller, but has two pulling points that alternatively advance to shift the pull from one leg to the other.

  • Model 3020 - Ratchet-Style Calf Puller

    Model 3020 - Ratchet-Style Calf Puller

    The Ratchet-Style Calf Puller can be your solution to difficult deliveries. Crafted with the finest quality steel, it will stand up to the toughest deliveries without letting you down. The Ratchet-Style Calf Puller features steel rods that easily disassemble for cleaning and storage. The rods have smooth, clean grooves that lessen wear on the jack and give a much quieter ratchet than competitors’ pullers. The jack is extremely durable, and has a...

  • Cleaners

  • Acid-A-Foam - Model XL - Foaming Cleaners

    Acid-A-Foam - Model XL - Foaming Cleaners

    Acid-A-Foam XL is an acidic, foaming cleaning compound specifically designed to remove mineral scale, detergent residues and other elements left after repeated use of alkaline cleaners. Formulated with biodegradable detergents. Cleans and brightens stainless steel, glass, plastic, concrete and tile.

Products by Pfeuffer GmbH

  • Grain Sampling

  • Pfeuffer - Model CEE - Grain Truck Samplers

    Pfeuffer - Model CEE - Grain Truck Samplers

    The Rakoraf CEE Core Sampler is the fastest and easiest method to take an accurate sample from an open trailer. The sample is taken while the trailer is still on the weighbridge. The telescopic arm with the core tube can be extended or retracted, be turned horizontally 0 to 350 degrees, and can also be raised or lowered vertically. When the core tube is forced downward into the load, the grain, due to the down pressure, is pushed upwards into the...

  • Pfeuffer - Model DVB 200 - Inline Samplers

    Pfeuffer - Model DVB 200 - Inline Samplers

    Automatic sampler for cereals, feedstuffs, seeds and similar bulk flow solids. Sampling is effected by means of a diverter with an open slot in the leading edge. The diverter is moved automatically through the stream (e.g. grain), see principal sketch. Thus a correct sample is taken from across the spout area, not just at the side or in the centre of the flow. Test interval is stepless adjustable from 1 test per 5 seconds to 1 test per hour. A remote...

  • Sample Dividing

  • Sample Processing

  • Pfeuffer - Model MLN Series - Sample Cleaner

    Pfeuffer - Model MLN Series - Sample Cleaner

    Selection by sample gives an accurate assessment of the total consignment. Selection based on sample makes it possible to accept quality grain or alternatively reject that which does not meet the specified standards at intake. The sample cleaner is very versatile and can be used on a wide range of products ranging from oil seed rape to maize and beans.Fully automatic cleaning - no maintenance.The screens are self cleaning being equipped with the well...

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Pfeuffer Contador  - Model 2 - Seed Counter

    Pfeuffer Contador - Model 2 - Seed Counter

    The Contador 2 is a newly developed instrument which is based on the practical experience with the renowned seed counter Contador.The proven handling of the feed containers, the short feeding distance and the high counting precision are now complemented by a considerably higher counting speed. With the traditional Contador it took you approx. 90 s to count 1000 rapeseeds, with the Contador 2 this only takes you 12 s.Feed containers for small...

  • Grain Temperature Monitoring

  • Pfeuffer DuoLine mobile - Portable Temperature Measuring System

    Pfeuffer DuoLine mobile - Portable Temperature Measuring System

    DuoLine mobile is designed for the temperature control of up to 20 silo bins. Additionally, up to 200 temperature probes can be measured and stored. The installation work is reduced to a minimum, because only four leads are required for the complete long distance cabling. Connect the DuoLine mobile to the junction box and activate the temperature measurement of the silo row. Any limit exceeding raises an instant acoustic beep. DuoLine mobile...

Products by Perten Instruments - a PerkinElmer Company

  • Perten Analytical Instruments to the Agricultural Industries

    For over 50 years Perten has been a leading supplier of advanced analytical instruments to the agricultural industries. We serve some of the largest companies as well as smaller specialized operations and the research institutes which support the industry. Today Perten is a part of PerkinElmer.

  • Perten Inframatic  - Model 9500  - NIR Grain Analyzer

    Perten Inframatic - Model 9500 - NIR Grain Analyzer

    The most modern and accurate grain analyzer available. Perten Instruments is the number one company in grain quality testing and has produced Near Infrared grain analyzers for 30 years. The Inframatic 9500 is the latest Inframatic model, and offers the best accuracy available. It is reliable and robust, built to meet the requirements of grain handling operations and analyzes a wide range of grains and oilseeds for moisture, protein, oil...

  • Perten Inframatic  - Model 8800  - NIR Grain Analyzer

    Perten Inframatic - Model 8800 - NIR Grain Analyzer

    IM 8800 is the next generation portable NIR instrument for protein, moisture and oil determination in grain and oilseed. The instrument has been designed with portability in mind to give users freedom to measure grain in-field, at grain storage sites and at grain processing locations. Equipped with GPS enables point specific sampling to generate protein maps on-the-go to make informed harvesting and binning decisions. With uncompromising...

  • Perten  - Model AM 5200 Series - A Grain Moisture Meter

    Perten - Model AM 5200 Series - A Grain Moisture Meter

    The Perten AM 5200-A is a second generation 150 MHz grain moisture meter and provides improved accuracy, repeatability and handling. Its predecessor, the AM 5100, is in use by over a 1,000 grain traders and processors around the world. The AM 5200-A is one of the best moisture meters available today and meets the speed and connectivity requirements of the modern grain industry.

  • Perten  - Model DA 7250 - NIR Analyzer

    Perten - Model DA 7250 - NIR Analyzer

    The new DA 7250 NIR analyzer is the third generation diode array NIR instrument from Perten, designed specifically for analysis in the food and agri industries. It combines outstanding analytical accuracy with speed, ease of use and ruggedness. The DA 7250 comes pre-calibrated for a wide range of applications, and determines moisture, protein, fat and many other parameters in all types of samples.

  • Perten  Delta LactoScope - FTIR Milk Analyzer

    Perten Delta LactoScope - FTIR Milk Analyzer

    The LactoScope FTIR Milk Analyzer method is AOAC and IDF approved for the analysis of fat, protein, lactose, and total solids in milk. It's a state-of-the art instrument, with modern FTIR optics, and simple to use but powerful software. The LactoScope FTIR can test other products such as cream, yogurt and whey thereby increasing its value and versatility.

  • Perten - Falling Number Sprout Damage Detection Analyzer

    Perten - Falling Number Sprout Damage Detection Analyzer

    The Falling Number® System measures the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour to detect sprout damage, optimise flour enzyme activity and guarantee soundness of traded grain. Alpha-amylase activity is crucial for final product quality of bread, pasta, noodles and malt. Anyone handling wheat, barley, rye or sorghum intended for these applications will benefit from the Falling Number system.

  • Perten CombiScope - Model 600HP  - Combined FTIR Milk Analyzer and Somatic Cell Counter

    Perten CombiScope - Model 600HP - Combined FTIR Milk Analyzer and Somatic Cell Counter

    The CombiScope FTIR 600HP dairy analyzer, from Delta Instruments, provides the highest sample throughput available for the routine analysis of cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo milk.The system consists of a component analyzer (LactoScope FTIR), a somatic cell counter (SomaScope LFC) and a sample handling system. This combination analyzes at speeds of up to 600 samples an hour. The CombiScope FTIR 600HP incorporates many industry-first technologies...

  • Perten - Model DA 7440  - On-line NIR Analyzer

    Perten - Model DA 7440 - On-line NIR Analyzer

    The DA 7440 is an advanced, modern and versatile on-line NIR analyzer for over-the-belt type measurements. It performs real-time multi-constituent analysis of a product on a processing line providing information for process control and quality monitoring. Continuous process monitoring helps users to increase efficiency and reduce scrap and re-work while improving product consistency and quality. The instrument performs simultaneous measurement of...

  • Perten Delta SomaScope  - Model Smart  - Somatic Cell Counter

    Perten Delta SomaScope - Model Smart - Somatic Cell Counter

    The Delta SomaScope Smart incorporates the latest in LED and Flow Cell Cytometry. It provides fast, accurate and easy to use information at the touch of a button. Whether testing individual cow samples to improve herd health and yield, or in-process samples to improve shelf-life and quality, the SomaScope Smart provides the most accurate and affordable solution for your facility. The integrated design makes operation and maintenance simple. The...

  • Perten - Model AM 5200 - Grain Moisture Tester

    Perten - Model AM 5200 - Grain Moisture Tester

    Second Generation 150 MHz Technology - Moisture and Hectoliter Weight/Test Weight in 10 seconds. The AM 5200 is Perten’s second-generation high frequency moisture meter. Drawing on the experience from more than 1,000 installed units, we have designed a moisture meter improved in every aspect – accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and user interface. It can be a stand-alone moisture meter for use at terminals or can be integrated into...

  • Perten - Model C3+/C4+  - LactoScope

    Perten - Model C3+/C4+ - LactoScope

    The LactoScope C3+/C4+ is the perfect solution for all dairy processors that require highly cost-effective dairy component analysis without the expense of unneeded capabilities. The instrument incorporates mid-infrared (MIR) technology,  an IDF- and AOAC-approved method. Ideal for checking incoming milk and end products, this instrument offers low cost of ownership, modular design, low reagent expense, and 30-second response time. It’s...

  • Perten - Rapid Visco Analyser

    Perten - Rapid Visco Analyser

    The Rapid Visco Analyser is a unique tool for product development, quality and process control and quality assurance. The RVA is a cooking, stirring viscometer with ramped temperature and variable shear capability optimized for testing the viscous properties of starch, grain, flour and foods. The instrument will analyze as little as two or three grams of sample using international standard methods or your own tailor-made test routines of mixing,...

Products by CHOPIN Technologies

  • Quatuor  - Model II - Automatic Dockage Tester

    Quatuor - Model II - Automatic Dockage Tester

    Automatic dockage tester for determination of seeds impurities. Applications : Completly automatic dockage, determination of the level of impurities in grains (light impurities, broken grains, total impurities, good grains) upon delivery. Principle: This device, equipped with 2 rotative sieves and air flow, performs 3 operations: cleaning (removes impurities), sorting (granulometric classification), weighing and calculating the % of the different...

Products by DICKEY-john Corporation

  • DICKEY-john Agricultural Products - Planting

  • DICKEY-john - Automatic Section Control

    DICKEY-john - Automatic Section Control

    Section Control provides the ability to automatically shut off individual sections/row units of a planter as they cross areas that have been previously seeded. Section Control has become a requirement for planters to reduce the expense of over applying materials within the field specifically where seed has already been placed.

  • DICKEY-john - Model Hy Rate Plus - Obtain High Accuracy on Multiple Seed Sensor

    DICKEY-john - Model Hy Rate Plus - Obtain High Accuracy on Multiple Seed Sensor

    The Hy Rate Plus™ LED Seed Sensor is the sensor of choice for all seed types regardless of size, shape and seeding rate. From larger seeds such as corn to small seeds like canola, the Hy Rate Plus accurately counts seeding population during planting, providing confidence that your row units are working properly and seeds are being placed for optimum yield potential.

  • DICKEY-john - Model MVT  - Row Crop Planter Control System

    DICKEY-john - Model MVT - Row Crop Planter Control System

    The IntelliAg MVT is a two-channel control system for row crop planters which allows for application of 2 separate products or sections of the planter, while simultaneously monitoring up to 84 seed sensors for individual row performance and population. In addition, the system offers optional manual individual row section control. The IntelliAg MVT can also be used as a planter population monitor only or as an air seeder monitor.

  • Vigilense - Blockage Seed Sensor

    Vigilense - Blockage Seed Sensor

    Detects the smallest canola seed to the largest fertilizer granual. Detects predetermined blockage percent level, not just 'flowing' or 'blocked'. 1', 1 1/4', and 1 3/4' (inside diameter) hose size configurations

  • DICKEY-john Agricultural Products - Ground Speed Sensing

  • DICKEY-john - Agricultural Products - Moisture Testing

  • DICKEY-john  - Model GAC 2500-UGMA  - Grain Analysis Computer

    DICKEY-john - Model GAC 2500-UGMA - Grain Analysis Computer

    The DICKEY-john Grain Analysis Computer (GAC) 2500-UGMA is the next generation of moisture testers from the world-wide leader in grain moisture analyzers. In addition to being GIPSA-Certified as UGMA-Compatible, the GAC 2500-UGMA offers accurate and reliable features.

  • Agricultural Products - Diagnostics

  • DICKEY-john - Seed Simulator

    DICKEY-john - Seed Simulator

    Simulates seed sensor and radar ground speed signals on planters up to 36 rows. Replicates one- or all-row failure. Reproduces two seeding rates for both corn and soybeans

  • Agricultural Products

  • DICKEY-john - Soil Compaction Tester

    DICKEY-john - Soil Compaction Tester

    Get the most from your fields with the cost-effective, user-friendly Soil Compaction Tester from DICKEY-john. By simply pushing the tester into the ground at different locations, this convenient, practical tool will help you find problem areas that can inhibit root growth and reduce yields. Just check the gauge to find readings of the pressure required to penetrate your soil. Maximize your success for less with the Soil Compaction Tester.