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  • BISO - Model CX 100 - Combine Headers

    BISO - Model CX 100 - Combine Headers

    The CX100 is a clamp on header extension which advances the knives forward by 70cms and is supplied with a choice of electric or hydraulic side knives. The results are impressive, saving around 250Kg per hectare in otherwise wasted seed, the cut OSR falling onto the harvester bed, not the ground. Moreover forward speed is increased and mis-feeds are largely eliminated. Growers using min-till cultivation can also benefit from a reduced stubble height....

  • BISO - Model VX - Crop Ranger

    BISO - Model VX - Crop Ranger

    Crop Ranger VX Highline is the variable multi-crop header for top performance making performance-limiting headers a thing of the past and increasing harvest yield by up to 10 %. It will harvest all types of crop (except maize) without changing the header and will convert for rape seed in 5 minutes. Simple controls alongside the driver's seat allows the operator to adjust the cutting bar smoothly by 70 cm; adjust reel fingers and switch the rapeseed...

  • BISO - Model Trendline Light - Crop Ranger

    BISO - Model Trendline Light - Crop Ranger

    Crop Ranger VX Trendline Light can be retro-fitted or specified for new harvesters. It features a 70cm hydraulically variable knife position and optional side knives, essential for OSR and very useful when lifting laid or lodged crops, supplementing the action of the manually adjusted header angle which places the cutter bar under the laid material.

  • Biso - Model Ultralight 800 - Header

    Biso - Model Ultralight 800 - Header

    The new Ultralight 800 (launched Nov 2013) is built from high grade aluminium. The result is a rigid platform with considerable weight saving benefits. The latest 12.3m header weighs in at just 3650 kg (3900 with side knives), shaving almost a 1000 kg of the previous model.

  • BISO - Model Profi - Trailer

    BISO - Model Profi - Trailer

    Biso Profi Trailers are designed for the safe and stable transportation of your valuable header. Their advanced axle design and manouvrability surpasses all others when it comes to following the combine through tight field entrances.Simple loading and unloading are aided by the intelligent location of the wheels which clear the feeder housing for uninterrupted access to the support cradle. Once in place the header is securely retained for transit.Biso...

  • BISO - Model Cornpower - Combine Headers

    BISO - Model Cornpower - Combine Headers

    This cornpower is constructed for professional agriculture for the harvest of big fields.The rigid frame and the robust, reliable row units with the optimal position of the horizontal.chopper guarantee the highest performances in the field.Whether 5-, 6- or 8 rows, the Cornpower has proven, that it delivers what it promises.

  • BISO  - Model Swift - Trailer

    BISO - Model Swift - Trailer

    The economical SWIFT trailer with extendable axle is suitable for cutting width up to 7,3 m.Both axle and supports are freely movable and adjustable depending on customer requirements.and allow an optimal adaptation to each header.

  • BISO  - Model Sunpower - Combine Headers

    BISO - Model Sunpower - Combine Headers

    Constant harvest through feeding chain.The vibrating device at the feeder brings the crop completely into the combine.Horizontally rotating cutting knives with an overload facility via a clutch with friction discs.Hydraulic angle adjustment for adapting to different harvesting conditions (Option)