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  • Model EASI-1 - Ethylene Analyser

    Model EASI-1 - Ethylene Analyser

    The EASI-1 analyzer enables you to take a precise measurement of the ethylene content of the air in real time. It is portable and compact, ideal for use on site and in laboratories.  The sensor, consisting of a nano-porous nafion membrane, is a US patent-protected technology.  This sensor provides excellent ethylene sensitivity at levels as low as 10ppb in the air.  Ethylene is a hormone produced by plants, fruit and...

  • Platinium Catalyst

    Platinium Catalyst

    Our ethylene catalyst are available in 2 versions: static and mobile. For Controlled Atmosphere applications, the unit is designed to be air-tight, with cable connections enabling it to be mounted outside the walk-in refrigerator. Ensures that the ethylene level for kiwi fruit conservation is lower than 0.02ppm. Gives sellers and wholesalers of ethylene-sensitive fruit (e.g. melons) greater flexibility to act on the market by extending the storage...

  • Absoger - Palicontrol System

    Absoger - Palicontrol System

    The Absoger Palicontrol system (Controlled Atmosphere pallets) was developed to enable users to maintain different fruits and vegetables in a Controlled Atmosphere in one or several large-scale refrigerators.  The fruit pallets are independent of one another and can be managed individually.  Palicontrol is easy to set up and use.  The cover is made from high-quality plastic and can be reused over several seasons.