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  • Aquaculture Research and Development

    Aquaculture Research and Development

    At ABT Innovia we welcome enquiries relating to R&D from a wide variety of interested parties including those involved with developing, among others: Aquatic animal feeds, both formulated and live Feed additives New species to aquaculture Live feed enrichment products Pro- or pre-biotic feed or water additives Aquatic animal...

  • R&D Facilities Services

    R&D Facilities Services

    The R&D facilities available at ABT Innovia can and have been used for many research projects related to a range of aquaculture sciences.  The flexibility of the R&D systems allows research at ABT Innovia to span all aspects of the culture of aquatic species from egg to harvest.

  • Biomedical and Nutraceutical Research Services

    Biomedical and Nutraceutical Research Services

    Research into the various applications of substances or molecules of interest produced by aquatic organisms for use in animals or human nutrition as well as human and veterinarian medicines can be facilitated at ABT Innovia.

  • Dry Feed Production Services

    Dry Feed Production Services

    Production technology to make dry feed. Today there are many technologies available for the production of dry feeds for larvae. Processing can have a tremendous effect on the nutritional quality of the end product. However, nutritional quality is not the only aspect affected by processing, since the actual physical characteristics can be just as important and in some cases more important in determining the success of the dry feed.