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  • Hydraulic Automatic Systems

  • Hydraulic Valves

  • Model PS-RELIEF - Fixing Pressure Safety Valve

    Model PS-RELIEF - Fixing Pressure Safety Valve

    İt is multipurpose valve.Release valve is opened when line pressure exceeds designated value.Pressure fixing valve is connected to the line, preventing pressure from decreasing belovv the value, set by the previous pressure regulation element.Pressure fixing and hydraulic control valve are control valves vvhich regulate the pressure at the inlet part. Valve opens when line pressure reaches designated value. This prevents any excessive load on...

  • Metal Filters

  • Mushroom Moss (Gravel) Filter

    Mushroom Moss (Gravel) Filter

    Used for filtering algae formations in the vvater. Used for vvaters acquired from lakes, channels and rivers. The most important fact is the basalt and quartz salt in algae filter. For a sieving capacity of 120 mech;

  • Pump Suction Filter

  • Pump Suction Filter

    Pump Suction Filter

    Areas of Use: Sources where water is acquired with a pump such as water channels, rivers, lakers, pools, etc. System is used before the pump.

  • Mobile Systems

  • Single Manual Systems

  • Dual Moss (Gravel) Filter

    Dual Moss (Gravel) Filter

    Maximum Working Pressure: 10 Bar. Corvering: Epoxy polyester elearostatikpowder paint. Body Diameter: 36“ / 900mm. BodyPlate Thickness: 4mm. Caps : 8”. Mushroom Base Plate: 4mm. Internal Partitions: 40x10 Strengthened against the pressure with flat (lama) iron. Number of Mushroom: 120Pieces. Input – Output: 4” Cuffed. Evacation: 2” PVC Valve. Capacity : 70-90m3/h. Filtering Area: 9000 cm2.