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  • Model 3 (US3) - Universal Scrammer

    Model 3 (US3) - Universal Scrammer

    The Universal Scrammer 3 (US3) is a complete deterrent system designed to deter predators from fish farms. Using components tailored to your particular site, such as acoustic noisemakers, electric netting and triggering devices, Ace Aquatec can offer fish farmers the most comprehensive and effective deterrent system on the market. The system...

  • US3 - Seal Scarer - Components

  • Model US3 - Top Box

    Model US3 - Top Box

    The unique algorithm in the US3 top box randomizes the sound production to reduce the chances of seals habituating and increase the effectiveness of the deterring noise. A robust and user friendly design allows intuitive set up and operation. Scramming can be set to continuous or triggered. Continuous sound creates an exclusion zone using rates between 0-144 scrams per hour, proportionate to the severity of predation....

  • Harsh Environment and Cage Mounted Shells

    Harsh Environment and Cage Mounted Shells

    The harsh environment and cage mounted shells are designed to provide maximum protection for the top box and cabling, while maintaining easy accessibility to controls and data. For farms wishing to regularly rotate the scrammers to different cages or sites we recommend the harsh environment shell. For particularly exposed sites with limited mains power we recommend the cage mounted units.

  • Ace Aquatec - Electric Nets

    Ace Aquatec - Electric Nets

    Ace Aquatec's patented electric nets can be deployed as an extra defense against determined or deaf predators. Using an electric field we can create an uncomfortable sensation when the seal attempts to steal fish from the cage. Our intention is to retrain the seal to avoid associating net contact with a meal. The electric net represents the last line of defence to deter determined seals or seals that may be suffering natural hearing loss in a...

  • Mitigation Device (MMD) - Components

  • Model MMD - Harsh Environment Shell

    Model MMD - Harsh Environment Shell

    The harsh environment shell is designed to provide maximum protection for the top box and cabling, while maintaining easy accessibility to controls and data. Alternatively, the top box can be hung from its handle and run directly from mains.

  • Underwater Cable

    Underwater Cable

    The underwater cable is designed to withstand the rough conditions. Typically 20m in length, the cables can be extended to 80m for deep sea use. Wet mateable connection means the unit can be assembled in any weather.  While the cable is designed with high tensile strength, to prolong the life of the equipment we recommend ropes take the weight of the underwater unit with slack maintained on the cable.

  • Model 10-20khz 195dB - Standard Underwater MMD Transducer

    Model 10-20khz 195dB - Standard Underwater MMD Transducer

    The standard MMD transducer offers a high volume, randomized dual or single tone sound pattern that is highly effective at pushing marine mammals out of an exclusion zone to protect them from danger. Can be used as a continuous or triggered noisemaker. The full spectrum of Neptune Sonar's transducer range can be applied to the MMD to provide specific frequency exclusion for species ranging from whales to cetaceans and pinipeds.

  • Humane Stunner Universal (HSU)

    Humane Stunner Universal (HSU)

    The Humane Stunner Universal (HSU) offers customers the only electric stunner on the market to use the full range of electric parameters available in order to render fish unconscious prior to slaughter while ensuring carcass quality and humane slaughter. Using components tailored to your particular needs Ace Aquatec can offer fish farmers a seamless solution that blends into your current processing setup. The system can be employed in a range of...

  • HSU – Electric Stunner

  • Stun & Maintencance Tubes

    Stun & Maintencance Tubes

    The stun tube renders the fish unconscious within 1 second. The maintenance tube maintains the fish in the electric field to ensure the fish remain unconscious. The length of the stun and maintenance tubes will be determined by the speed of stunning, the species of fish, and the quantity of fish.

  • Electrodes for Recirculating System

    Electrodes for Recirculating System

    Electrodes are built of a specially sourced precious metal that provides sustained longevity in salt water. There are typically three electrodes in a recirculating system and five in a flow through system.

  • Aquaculture Dewatering System & Aquaculture Pumps

    Aquaculture Dewatering System & Aquaculture Pumps

    Fish are pumped either onto the dead haul vessel or from the live haul vessel to shore, or directly from your cages to the shore base using your existing pumping system. Fish are stunned directly in the transport pipe in either salt water or fresh water. There is no need to recirculate a separate water supply, and speeds are determined by your existing fish pump up to 50 tonnes per hour.

  • Sophisticated Electronics Control System

    Sophisticated Electronics Control System

    The sophisticated control system is split into a killer control box and a user control box. The user control can be calibrated to provide up to 20 individualized stunning parameters. Each machine can be programmed with parameters for a range of fish species, and full data logging over one year allows welfare monitors access to the stunning data upon request.  Flexible applications allow the machine to be setup to stun directly in seawater or in...

  • Hull Deterrent (HD)

    Hull Deterrent (HD)

    The hull deterrent (HD) creates uses the same range of deterring sounds as our US3 deterrent for fish farms to create a hull mounted deterrent for deterring marine predators from coming into conflict with fishing vessels. Using components tailored to your particular needs, such as deck control system, mains or battery operating, manual or automated controls, Ace Aquatec can offer its...