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  • HSU – Electric Stunner

  • Stun & Maintencance Tubes

    Stun & Maintencance Tubes

    The stun tube renders the fish unconscious within 1 second. The maintenance tube maintains the fish in the electric field to ensure the fish remain unconscious. The length of the stun and maintenance tubes will be determined by the speed of stunning, the species of fish, and the quantity of fish.

  • Aquaculture Dewatering System & Aquaculture Pumps

    Aquaculture Dewatering System & Aquaculture Pumps

    Fish are pumped either onto the dead haul vessel or from the live haul vessel to shore, or directly from your cages to the shore base using your existing pumping system. Fish are stunned directly in the transport pipe in either salt water or fresh water. There is no need to recirculate a separate water supply, and speeds are determined by your existing fish pump up to 50 tonnes per hour.

  • Sophisticated Electronics Control System

    Sophisticated Electronics Control System

    The sophisticated control system is split into a killer control box and a user control box. The user control can be calibrated to provide up to 20 individualized stunning parameters. Each machine can be programmed with parameters for a range of fish species, and full data logging over one year allows welfare monitors access to the stunning data upon request.  Flexible applications allow the machine to be setup to stun directly in seawater or in...