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    Galvanised conveyorswith chain&flights for horizontal or inclined conveying of cereals or meal.Applications : Reception and transfer of cereals, pellets or meals. Pinion- chain drive by 3-phased motor 1450 rpm throughput 40 to 80m³/h.  Galvanised accessories for input and output of conveyors

  • Chain & Flight Elevators

    Chain & Flight Elevators

    Chain&flight elevators for meal dry or wet. Construction galvanised or stainless steel sheets . (recommended for wet corn). Rigid polyethylene flights. Belt and pulleys drive by 3-phased motor 1450 rpm. Height 3.5m to 10m. Max throughput 23m³/h. Input by lateral auger driven by the elevator. Output 140 (galvanised version) or...

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Galvanized bucket elevators for cereals and meal. Driving of belt and pulley by motor three-phased 950 rpm Standard range : Height 6 m to 30 m – flow rates 54m³/h to 130m³/h. Many available accessories : intake hopper, ouput boxes with 2,3 or 6 outletswith manual or automatic control, galvanized downpipe, safety ladders and platforms.

  • Model 30 & PN 50  - Grain Cleaners

    Model 30 & PN 50 - Grain Cleaners

    Grain cleaners efficient, economic and compact. Connection accessories on augers and elevators. Deportable galvanised cyclone for dust collection outlet.

  • Feed Mill Unit

  • Airflow mix - Model MH1500 - Feed Mill Unit

    Airflow mix - Model MH1500 - Feed Mill Unit

    Fresh boost ! Behind this new feed mill, these are 15 years of experience acquired in feed production and in pneumatic conveying associated to current techniques that have served as a basis to design this new range of on-farm feed mill units in an industrial logic. Blender capacity of 1500 kg with a tank in water-drop shape closely to the auger ensuring an inside self washing. Decrease of maintenance operation thanks to...

  • Model RS 280 - Crusher

    Model RS 280 - Crusher

    Specialist in breeding equipment for over 60 years SKIOLD- ACEMO has emerged over time as one of the best specialists in the food preparation equipment. Economic constraints related to advancement of knowledge in animal nutrition make use of the flattened cereals increasingly widespread in our farms. Based on the experience with thousands of flattening, SKIOLD- ACEMO developed the RS 280 – 2 rolls trained...

  • Model RS 350 - Crusher

    Model RS 350 - Crusher

    Ideal flattener for any size of grain (cereals, corn, peas, lupin, horse, bean,..)alone or mixed. The big grains are first crushed between the little roller and one of the largest rollers ; flattening is then made between the two large rollers. Specialist in breeding equipment for over 60 years SKIOLD- ACEMO has emerged over time as one of the best specialist in the food preparation equipment. Ecomonic...

  • Model RS 380 - Crusher

    Model RS 380 - Crusher

    Extremely quiet. Ideal for grains of all sizes alone or in blend. Throughput :  4 kW from 600 to 1100 kg/h. 5,5 kW from 750 to 1400 kg/h.  7,5 kW from 850 to 1750 kg/h.

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