Acerbi Veicoli Industriali S.p.A.

Acerbi Veicoli Industriali S.p.A designs, manufactures and markets tanks for the transportation of petroleum, lpg, ammonia, methane and bitumen as well as tippers semitrailers and aluminum chassis. Our technicians are at your disposal to build optimized and personalized technical solutions. All Acerbi vehicles are built in full respect of safety regulations. Our after sales department and repair network are at your service to maintain your vehicles all through their life. Please feel free to contact us, we will put you in contact with our representative who will be be able to advise you on the most suitable vehicle to your needs.

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Strada per Pontecurone, 7 , Castelnuovo Scrivia AL , Piedmont 15053 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)

stablished in 1962 in Tortona (AL), ACERBI starts its manufacturing activity of tanker vehicles, specializing in LPG and fuel transportation, becoming a European leader. In 1970 it has been first Italian Company to engineer, test and produce a self-supporting tanker semitrailer. Alluminium for fuel and carbon steel for LPG. Since 1985, having realised the potentiality of the markets, it has been producing aluminium tipper semi-trailers. In 1995 ACERBI V. I. has been the first Italian Company in our business to be certified ISO 9001. Since the beginning its activities has been expanded across European markets, North African and Middle East. We can safely state that, in the last 50 years, a great part of the gas and fuel road-hauled in Italy was done by Acerbi tankers.

The Company operates in a modern plant located around 60 km southward of Milan in North Italy. Industrial factory is over an area of 110,000 square meters, of which 28,000 covered for workshop and warehouse and 2,000 for the offices. The Company is fully specialized in the ADR road transport, product range meets all modern requirements: tankers for LPG, methane, ammonia, fuels, bitumen and aircraft refuelling, besides light alloy tippers for sand, grain and industrial waste transport, aluminium chassis with tipper equipment for 30’ containers and tank chassis.