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  • Pen Equipment

  • Mating and Boar Pens

    Mating and Boar Pens

    Heavy-duty partitions. Fixed or adjustable heights. Customising lengths. Well-suited for deep litter & for loose sow pens

  • Jumbo Box Pen

    Jumbo Box Pen

    Perfect crate for stimulation and insemination. Unique Duo rear door provides easy access to the sow without opening the rear door. Simple sturdy closing system without loose pigs

  • Dry Feeding

  • Powerline - Dry Feeding Systems

    Powerline - Dry Feeding Systems

    Strongest dry feed chain on the market - 15 years Guaranteed. Powerline chain is made of 2 specially hardned steel. Self-emptying drive station, releases the chain easily. The powerline has been quality tested between each link. Take-up station with exact feed dosing and stepless adjustment. Strong, reliable corner wheel - Opens easily

  • Model VD 2 - Dry Feeding Systems

    Model VD 2 - Dry Feeding Systems

    8 and 10 litres volume. Easy and exact adjustment. Capable of dosing very small volumes from 0.2 kg. Minimum maintenance. Flexible, asymmetric outlet funnel. Fits Ø38 - Ø60 mm feed pipes

  • Liquid Feeding

  • Long Trough - Liquid Feeding System

    Long Trough - Liquid Feeding System

    Liquid feeding in long troughs. Perfect monitoring. Reduced feed consumption by up to 20 kg. per pig. Fast and accurate feeding Minimal disturbance in the stable No feed residues. High hygiene and health. Can set the amount of feed with % deviation and sick days

  • Troughs

  • Bioline - Trough

    Bioline - Trough

    Troughs With head / shoulder division For partitions and wall mounting 3-8 feeding units per pen. From 4 to 7 pigs per feeding spot. For ad libitum feeding 1.5 mm strong stainless trough. Length 75 - 200 cm Gentle for the pig Long durability

  • Stainless Steel Trough

    Stainless Steel Trough

    Crossway trough for finishers Hygienic stainless steel One-piece up to a length of 6 m. Wallthickness 1,5 mm. Passage restrictor. Integrated plank support for 35 mm or 40 mm planks. The stiff trough profile only needs three pairs of feet Animal-friendly soft feeding edge Feed leftovers accumulate in the middle

  • Electronic Feeding Systems

  • Electronic Sow Feeding System

    Electronic Sow Feeding System

    Enhanced efficiency in operational management Calmer groups. More control, less effort Improved image. Individual feeding Improved technical results

  • Heat Detection Feeding System

    Heat Detection Feeding System

    Detects sows in heat in time. Reports heat immediately to the farmer. Immediately marks the sows in heat; making them easily recognizable within the group. Seperates sows in heat from the group by means of the Sow Separation Station. Stainless steel version

  • Sow Separation System

    Sow Separation System

    Optimum access routes. Minimal loss of space. Separation and marking at a particular place in the shed. Simplicity itself. ID Check automatically seperates and marks sows without an electronic ear tag. Optimizes heat detection results