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  • Adrian - Model 25LP - Quick-Pit Drive-Over Auger

    Adrian - Model 25LP - Quick-Pit Drive-Over Auger

    The Adrian Quick-Pit is a drive-over auger that is quick to setup, unload and transport. The Model 25LP and 85LP are portable models which have a low 7” profile and 4 foot ramps for easy drive-over capability. These models have a grain loading capacity up to five thousand and nine thousand bushels of grain respectively. The Model 10 and 13 augers are surface mount stationary units designed for a more permanent setting. They each have a four foot...

  • Adrian - Model 990 - Turb-O-K-Vac.

    Adrian - Model 990 - Turb-O-K-Vac.

    The Turb-O-K-Vac is the new product manufactured by Adrian Mfg., Inc. This grain vac is all new and improved and comes with many great features. The simple design makes it easy to use and maintain. Also available is the Aligator Nozzle to clean up your bin faster and easier.

  • Binder Winder

    Binder Winder

    Anyone who has ever used a ratchet trap has experienced the same problem:  'What do I do with the excess strap once my load is secured?'  The BinderWinder provides the best solution to this problem.