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  • Spray-Scanner


    Thanks to the Spray scanner of AAMS-Salvarani the liquid distribution under a spray boom can be measured. The Spray scanner works autonomous under the spray boom until the entire spray boom is measured. The spray scanner has a measuring surface of 80 x 150 cm. The data are stored in a memory box. You can have a scanner with radio link as an option, so the data can be transferred to a computer directly. With the software it is possible to adapt and...

  • Spray-Scanner Plus

    Spray-Scanner Plus

    With the AAMS Spray Scanner Plus, to measurre the liquid distribution under a spray boom. The AAMS Spray Scanner Plus is a further development of the well known and robust concept of the present Spray Scanner that has proven its reliability and stability over the last decades. The Scanner Plus is up to four times faster thanks to the three times larger working width (2m40) and the changes to different components.

  • Pumptester


    The AAMS-SALVARANI pump tester is designed to define the capacity of pumps at different counter pressures. Therefore the AAMS- SALVARANI pump tester is equipped with an inductive flow sensor and an electronical pressure sensor. Both sensors are connected to a monitor that continuously displays pressure and flow rate. The pump tester is available in different versions from 16 to 80 bar.

  • Manometertester


    The AAMS-SALVARANI manometer tester is especially designed for checking manometers of all types of sprayers or other agricultural machinery. The device is therefore equipped with quick couplings to allow a fast and proper mounting of manometers. The AAMS-SALVARANI manometer tester is delivered with a high precision certified dry reference manometer. The reference manometer can be selected with a scale value of 6, 10, 16, 25, 40 or 60...

  • Manometer Pressure Adapter

    Manometer Pressure Adapter

    AAMS has developed their manometer pressure adapters, so that they can be applied on all types of sprayers and nozzle caps. With the AAMS manometer pressure adapters the pressure can be read precisely at the location of a nozzle or nozzle holder. The adapters are equipped with manometers with a diameter of 100 mm, class 1.0. The manometer hooks are available in 6, 10, 16 or 25 bar and are equipped with a hook and manometer. It is very easy...

  • Arable Crops

  • AAMS  - Manometer Tester

    AAMS - Manometer Tester

    The AAMS manometer tester is especially designed for checking manometers of all types of sprayers. The device is therefore equipped with quick couplings to allow a fast and proper mounting of manometers without the risk of damaging the thread of the measuring device by improper mounting. The AAMS manometer tester is delivered with a high precision reference manometer foreseen with a fine graduation.

  • Fruit and Wine Growing

  • AAMS  - Mechanical Measuring Device

    AAMS - Mechanical Measuring Device

    The AAMS mechanical measuring device, to define the flow rate of nozzles mounted on sprayers, is made of durable materials and is compact for easy transport purpose. The device is equipped with quick fit couplings, to which hoses connected to universal adapters can be fitted. The hoses will guide the liquid from the nozzles into the measuring glasses.

  • GEP/GLP-Applications

  • AAMS - Spray Monitor for Knapsack/Plot Sprayers

    AAMS - Spray Monitor for Knapsack/Plot Sprayers

    The AAMS spray monitor for plot sprayers is designed in co-operation with experimental farms, executing field experiments for registration of pesticides. The AAMS spray monitor is a simple to use, lightweight and hand held tool that can be built-in on all types of knapsack sprayer or pneumatic plot sprayer for experimental purposes. The unit registers time and sprayed volume of up to 100 plots. With optionale sofwater, data can be transmitted to a PC...

  • Horticulture & Vegetable Growing

  • AAMS  - Vertical Patternator

    AAMS - Vertical Patternator

    The AAMS vertical patternator is designed to measure the vertical liquid distribution of orchard and air-blast sprayers. The patternator is constructed with specially manufactured lamellae that allow the air to pass through and filter the sprayed liquid. The collected liquid between the lamellae is guided per 10 cm. of height to a measuring glass.