Since 1984, long before it became popular to be “green”, Advanced Aquaculture Systems was designing and supplying recirculating aquaculture systems. Advanced Aquaculture Systems continues to be at the forefront of innovation by offering our unique proprietary products and creative system designs for aquaculture production, holding and research systems.

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4509 Hickory Creek Lane , Brandon , Florida 33511 USA

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Advanced Aquaculture Systems has specialized in the custom design and supply of innovative recirculating aquatic filtration systems since 1984. Our proprietary products and designs provide our customers with innovative, user friendly and minimal maintenance systems. We always provide personalized and professional services to create the ideal system for your project requirements. So call today for a complimentary professional design and quote.

Advanced Aquaculture Systems is not a catalog house, but instead we select the ideal components to create customized, balanced aquatic filtration, aeration and germicidal recirculating systems. Our small size allows us to deliver highly personalized service with frequent client dialog to create unique systems designed to meet your specific site, aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Our professional staff skillfully blends aesthetics, engineering and biology to provide simple, yet elegant designs that are very user friendly. Our proprietary products maximize water resources while minimizing maintenance energy requirements.

We are always available to provide technical support and long-term sustainable solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. We invite you to call and discuss your project with us so we can help you achieve your goals.


Advanced Aquaculture Systems selects from numerous proven products in the specification of our customized designs, blending the ideal components to create balanced, user friendly systems to meet your project requirements.

The basic product groups that we can select from to create our systems include numerous water pumps, variable frequency drives, different types of filters including auto backwash systems, ultraviolet sterilizers with appropriate microwattage for algae and pathogen control, silent air pumps and aeration accessories, ozone generator systems, foam fractionators, biofilters, numerous tanks of different dimensions, chillers, heaters and many more components.

We strive to keep our systems as simple as possible ensuring minimal maintenance, optimal energy efficiency and long-term user friendly operation. In addition to our products we also pride ourselves on our personalized service throughout all stages of a project. We work with you on an individual basis to provide a water quality management system to meet your specific project and budgetary requirements. We are always available to provide long-term, ongoing technical support and always welcome your calls.