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  • AAS - Feeder Unit

    AAS - Feeder Unit

    State of the Art system consists of the following: Pre-Feeder with emitter storage hopper. Centrifugal Feeder. Emitter Buffer (approximately 1 minute emitter back up at maximum insertion speeds). Conveyor. Feeder Capacity. Nano Flat dripper up to 2000 emitters per min (double feeder). Turbo Flat Non PC dripper up to 900 drippers per min. Cyclone Flat PC dripper up to 700 drippers per min.

  • AAS - Emmiter Insertion Unit

    AAS - Emmiter Insertion Unit

    High-Tech unit equipped with programmable controller. Insertion System Capacity: Nano Dripper up to 2000 emitters per minute. Turbo Flat Dripper up to 900 emitters per minute. Cyclone PC Dripper up to 700 emitters per minute. AAS Feeder and Inserting units are custom manufactured in Western Europe, following AAS technical specifications utilizing materials of the highest quality and efficient, user-friendly software programming.

  • AAS  - Outlet Positioning Unit

    AAS - Outlet Positioning Unit

    The AAS program controlled Outlet Positioning Unit (OPU) operates pneumatically and electronically. The AAS OPU is custom Made in Germany under AAS technical specifications and utilizes reliable AAS software programming.

  • Drippers

  • Cyclone PCND Flat Dripper

    Cyclone PCND Flat Dripper

    Ultra-Slim. High-tech concept. Long-life Material. Fits any hose diameter. High Accuracy. Consistent clog-free Performance. Class A exponent 0.009 up to 0.027.

  • Nano Flat Dripper

    Nano Flat Dripper

    Cost-effective. Ultra compact size. Large filter insert cross section. Turbulent flow through the wide labyrinth cross section. Higher durability than drip tape. Better CV than tape products.

  • Turbo Flat Dripper

    Turbo Flat Dripper

    Cost-efficient and compact. Large turbulent labyrinth. Adaptable for hoses of varying sizes. Wide range of flow rates. Ideal for multi-season applications & subsurface installation.