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  • Pongamia Growing and Care Instruction Manual

    Pongamia Growing and Care Instruction Manual

    keeping in view various concerns and problems of a new Grower; CJP being “The Centre of Excellence” has designed Pongamia Growing & Care Instructions Manual - An Easy- To- Follow Guide For New Growers on the basis of our own tried, tested, and developed and experienced Plant Propagation and Cultivation Technologies and Practices to help you grow a Failsafe Pongamia Farm

  • Jatropha Distance learning Package

    Jatropha Distance learning Package

    We have just concluded our 5-day Global Jatropha Hi-tech Integrated Nonfood Biodiesel Farming & Technology Training Programme from December 13-17, 2010 successfully.The JDLP shall include1. The virtual Class Room: Interactive DVD's providing technical and practical sessions of various jatropha segments i.e. the complete a b c... of the jatropha including biodiesel making. It all includes lectures on other nonfood biodiesel crops like PONGAMIA