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Current Events

  • 7th Global Moringa Meet 2018

    7th Global Moringa Meet 2018

    JAIPUR, INDIA, India

    The 7th Global Moringa Meet will take place on Friday November 23, 2019, at Jaipur, India. The training workshop covers a wide range of moringa topics including best farming practices, technology, moringa foods & nutrition and more. The 2019 Global Moringa Meet will be held in the Ancient Heritage City Jaipurl . As always, this unique gathering of the Global sustainable and organic moringa farming movements will offer a practical mix of on-farm ...

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Past Events

  • Global Jojoba World 2018

    Global Jojoba World 2018

    Jaipur, india, India

    Global JOJOBAWORLD 20182 Day Jojoba State of Art International Workshop :For an Innovative, Sustainable & Profitable Jojoba Industry around the WorldJoin us on June 23 & 24, 2018 Jaipur IndiaThe Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) is pleased to announce the 2 Day Jojoba State of Art International Workshop viz. Global Jojoba World – 2018 to be held on 23-24, June, 2018 at Jaipur, India. India ranks 3rd after USA and Argentina in growing Jojoba in ...

  • 5th Global Moringa Meet 2017

    5th Global Moringa Meet 2017

    JAIPUR, India

    We are excited to invite you to attend the 5th GLOBAL MORINGA MEET 2017 (GMM`17): 2 days international workshop on Moringa production & application. This meeting will be held on November 25-26, 2017, at Jaipur, India The Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) is proud to host GMM`17 with the theme of "from success to sustainability." 5th Global Moringa Meet is the premier destination for Moringa growers, producers and professionals interested in ...

  • Moringa Field Day - 2019

    Moringa Field Day - 2019

    Jaipur, India

    Moringa Field day shall be like a live, interactive slideshow of agriculture making of Moringa from "Soil to Superfood" that touches all the participant's senses.On Moringa Field day the Moringa India Farm is to showcase as to how to operate and maintain an organic Moringa Farm operation through scientific methods and traditional skills . The Moringa Field Day offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in Moringa to learn and apply ...

  • Global Pongamia Biodiesel World 2017

    Global Pongamia Biodiesel World 2017

    Jaipur, India

    2 Days Global Pongamia Integrated Nonfood Biodiesel Farming & Technology Training Programme April 29-30, 2017, Jaipur, India Pongamia has demonstrated a favorable response to many of the practices and techniques currently used in agriculture, but research is needed to understand its unique properties that can be manipulated to coax the crop to reach its fullest potential. Among agronomic questions that can only be readily got answered in ...