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  • Unparalleled Comfort Isolated Chambers

    Unparalleled Comfort Isolated Chambers

    In 2013, we introduced DCC Waterbeds ISO, the 3rd-generation waterbed, and our most comfortable bedding solution yet. The front and rear chambers of the ISO are filled separately. The front pillow provides a consistent cushion for the knees. The rear pillow floats the hocks and udder with more consistency. With a fixed volume of water, DCC Waterbeds ISO support the cow’s body weight through hydraulic pressure, mirroring the cow and floating her...

  • Junior  - Low-Maintenance Bedding Solution

    Junior - Low-Maintenance Bedding Solution

    A long-lasting, low-maintenance bedding solution is ideal for raising young stock. DCC Waterbeds junior are our Original-style beds available in smaller sizes for heifers. By installing DCC Waterbeds junior in a heifer facility, the transition to the milking herd is less stressful for young stock.

  • Original  - Cow Dual Chamber Stands

    Original - Cow Dual Chamber Stands

    Dean patented the Dual Chamber Cow Waterbed in 2003, the 2nd generation bed we call DCC Waterbeds Original. With DCC Waterbeds Original, the two chambers, one for the knees and one for the body, are divided by a baffle to provide consistent, stable comfort while two small channels allow water to slowly pass between the chambers.  DCC Waterbeds Original have been installed in more than 30 countries worldwide since 2003, floating the...

  • Model TS - Tie Stalls Barns

    Model TS - Tie Stalls Barns

    Tie stall barns have unique demands. We offer DCC Waterbeds TS, a bed with added durability made in the ISO design. The TS is for dairy producers with tie stalls who desire the long-lasting, minimal top-bedding, and comfort advantages of DCC Waterbeds. Learn more about our successes in tie stall bedding.

  • Model XL - Square Four-Chamber Beds

    Model XL - Square Four-Chamber Beds

    For special applications, DCC Waterbeds XL are square, four-chamber beds made in the ISO design. XL beds can be placed in box or open stalls. When anchored down, DCC Waterbeds XL are supportive, comfortable, and give large animals more space and freedom of choice.