AGPS sells software for mapping and machine control, especially in agriculture. We have service, support, parts, and hardware along with software for any system. We can help you maintain older systems as well as new. We look forward to helping our old customers as well as new.

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Advanced Geo Positioning Solutions, Inc. (AGPS) is pleased to announce a new software offering, AGPS-Pipe Design, for use in conjunction with its highly popular drainage software solutions, including Pipe Pro™, Pipe FM™, and more.

Notable features include:

  • Draw mains with designed depth – including profile view.
  • Automatically draw a group of laterals within a watershed boundary or other break lines.
  • Export to AGPS-PipePro or AGPS-PipeFM+ software for automatic blade control in the field. *Note that AGPS-PipeFM does not import background drawings.
  • AGPS-PipePro offers flexibility to follow the exact designed elevation, or make changes in the field.
  • Compatible with background images from many other sources, or create a contour map from survey data collected in AGPS-Topo.
  • Footage report for amount of tile designed.
  • Other features; pipe sizing, etc. coming in future releases.

Contact any AGPS authorized Dealer for more information on the launch of this exciting design and layout tool. Existing AGPS-Pipe customers may contact their AGPS dealer for more information on the Pipe Design program. All interested parties should contact an AGPS dealer to discuss how the various AGPS soil and water management solutions, including the new Autosteer, and the new Pipe Design programs, will increase productivity - accurately and efficiently.

Our Mission

AGPS offers over 15 years of experience in Soil and Water Management. Utilizing AGPS applications, coupled with RTK GPS for 3D Machine Control, the Agricultural community is resolving 'farm drainage' problems. AGPS is in business to help our customers prosper. A full line of farm drainage tools are available; AGPS-Topo (data collection), AGPS-Pipe Pro (drainage pipe installation), AGPS-Ditch Pro (drainage ditches, waterways), AGPS-Dirt Pro (land leveling/forming), and AGPS-Shape Pro (land design).