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  • Vertical Tillage

    Vertical Tillage

    The Aerway family of patented vertical Tillage tines are designed to relieve compaction, manage crop residue and to warm the loosened soil for seedbed preparation. The patented tine technology is available in both ShatterTine and Leaf Tine profiles.

  • TITAN - Model CTS 30 - Tillage System

    TITAN - Model CTS 30 - Tillage System

    The AerWay TITAN CTS is a completely integrated tillage implement that combines the AerWay SHATTERTINE® - leading technology with SoilWave™ Coulters to size and mix residue along with the Double Row 14' Harrow Baskets which break up lumps and firm up the soil. The separate swing arm adjustments for the SHATTERTINES and SoilWave™ Coulters lets the user choose the degree of compaction relief, cultivation and residue sizing and...

  • Heavy Duty Direct Mount Finishing Tools Tillage Attachments

    Heavy Duty Direct Mount Finishing Tools Tillage Attachments

    AerWay offers two styles of Heavy Duty Direct Mount Finishing Tools. This includes the Single Row Combo style attachments, which consists of Single Row 14' Baskets and three rows of Coil Tine Harrows. The other Direct Mount Attachment is equipped with a set of Double Row 14' baskets. Both Finishing Tools are available in widths ranging from 10 ft. to 40 ft. Tool Bar shown here is for Direct Mounting to the AerWay frame. The Tool Bar will accept many...

  • Model AW - CH - Flexible Chain Harrowing Systems

    Model AW - CH - Flexible Chain Harrowing Systems

    3-inch teeth are angled 45 degrees for heller trash harrowing and lighter harrowing action on one side. 3-inch teeth are angled 15 degrees on the opposite side for more rigid harrowing action.  This harrow, arrangement, conditions, because of its unique tooth is self-cleaning under most

  • Aeration Topdress Seeder (ATS)

    Aeration Topdress Seeder (ATS)

    The ATS features a dedicated 10 ft. Quick Adjust Frame with an integral full width 10 bushel linear seed box. The seed box is driven by a 12 volt constant speed electric motor. The seeder will handle a wide variety of seeds as well as granular herbicides and insecticides.

  • Superior Manure Management System

    Superior Manure Management System

    AerWay s superior manure management system addresses both the 'Economic and Environmental issues' without compromise. With the AerWay SSD System you can reduce fuel, time, labor and commercial fertilizer use. The AerWay family of patented 'Vertical Tillage' tines are designed to relieve compaction and loosen the soil profile for superior absorption and retention of liquid waste. The unique lean and twist of  the tines is designed to move the soil...