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  • AminoMax - Model Pro - Bypass Protein

    AminoMax - Model Pro - Bypass Protein

    AminoMax is the next generation bypass protein supplement, providing essential bypass amino acids that are university research proven to stimulate milk production and milk quality. The new, state-of-the-art, patented manufacturing process is designed to provide precise and consistent product quality that optimizes your herd's milk components and milk production.

  • Bypass Amino Acids with Superior Bioavailability

    Bypass Amino Acids with Superior Bioavailability

    Following the regulatory ban of animal-derived protein sources in ruminant diets, the quest for excellence in amino acid nutrition (AminoMax) began. Research for this exciting technology was led by Dr. Jim Drouillard at Kansas State University, with an aspiration to produce cost-competitive, economically processed plant protein sources that would provide high ruminal bypass and superior amino acid bioavailability. Today, AminoMax is manufactured in...

  • Feed Mills

    Feed Mills

    AminoMax bypass plant proteins are blended to meet your high standards. It allows you to custom-blend amino-acid-rich formulations to meet the specific needs of your most demanding dairy producers and nutritionists. AminoMax performance blended plant proteins create maximum bypass and bioavailability. When consumed, it protects against rumen degradation by physically blocking enzyme binding sites on protein molecules. Low pH in the abomasums causes...