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  • Agapanthus Africanus

    Agapanthus Africanus

    Our most popular agapanthus, the evergreen foliage is fleshy and strap-like, about 12' long. The tall inflorescence (24 to 36 in) will produce about 30 light blue flowers and is 6 to 12 inches across.

  • Dionaea Muscipula

    Dionaea Muscipula

    Hinged rounded, 2 lobed green leaves with stiff marginal spines and 3 or 4 sensitive hairs in the center of each lobe. When an insect touches the hairs, the hinge mechanism is triggered and leaves close, trapping the insect inside.

  • Bletilla Ochracea Chinese Butterfly

    Bletilla Ochracea Chinese Butterfly

    This hardy orchid has beautiful star shaped yellow flowers with a purple speckled lip. Three to five small flowers will sit atop a 20 inch flower stalk. Green pleated, iris like leaves make the bletilla a beauty.

  • Arundo Donax Peppermint Stick

    Arundo Donax Peppermint Stick

    Leaves are green with a white margin and are 3 inches wide and more than 12 inches long. Produces flowers in late summer in the warmer climates. Fills in large areas by spreading through underground rhizomes.

  • Baptisia Carolina Moonlight

    Baptisia Carolina Moonlight

    Attractive, fern-like green foliage with big creamy-white blooms that are 6 inches long on bold red stems.