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  • AgZyme - Activates the Microbial Potential

    AgZyme - Activates the Microbial Potential

    Think about your soil for a minute—just one gram of soil (about the contents of a sugar packet), contains up to four billion bacteria, one million fungi, and 300,000 algae.  In other words, the soil is literally alive, but most often neglected or ignored.  And think about this—if you multiply these figures by the 2.2 million pounds of soil per acre in the root zone, you’ll see that you have an unbelievable amount of...

  • Enhance - Foliar Fertilizer

    Enhance - Foliar Fertilizer

    Available nutrients are crucial to a plant while it is fruiting or recovering from stress. Unfortunately, by this time, the fertilizer you applied early in the season has been used up, tied up, or leached off and the soil is depleted. These are the exact times that your crop needs Enhance. Enhance is a highly effective way to quickly deliver essential nutrients that are immediately taken directly into the plant through the cell wall.

  • Ag Concepts SuperHume - Soil Organic Matter (SOM)

    Ag Concepts SuperHume - Soil Organic Matter (SOM)

    Everybody knows that a major contributor to healthy and productive soil is the presence of stable soil organic matter (SOM). But, forming stable soil organic matter is a slow process that takes years because the building blocks of stable SOM are the leftovers of dead plant or animal residues that have been decomposed by soil microorganisms. Soil microorganisms are so good at decomposing residues that practically everything is consumed, leaving only...