Ag Energy Solutions

Ag Energy Solutions

Ag Energy Solutions

Ag Energy Solutions effectively solves the excess field residue biomass problems that plague farmers.  Our Integrated Biomass Platform innovatively combines proven gasifier technology with modern automation and control systems to produce a safe and practical mobile stand-alone biomass gasification plant.  Farmers can now place our ruggedized Integrated Biomass Platform on their farm, and use the harvested field residue a gaseous fuel that can be used to generate electricity, used directly or compressed and bottle for mobile applications.

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221 N. Wall Street, Suite 410 , Spokane , Washington 99201 USA
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With passion and perseverance, Ag Energy Solutions has spent nearly four years focused on developing and delivering an on-farm solution that utilizes excess field residue as its feedstock with 24-hour autonomous operation year-round.  Our solution enables farmers to reduce their tillage operating costs while providing gaseous fuel for power independence, potential power sales to the grid, vehicle fuel, as well as several other end products.

Founded in 2010 in Spokane, Washington, Ag Energy Solutions is a privately held clean-technology company that utilizes innovative – yet practical engineering design, to solve the pervasive and costly excess biomass, high irrigation power costs, and rising fuel prices that erode farmer’s profits.  Now farmers can choose an environmentally progressive and sustainable solution to address their excess field residue.

Background of Farmer’s Situation

When wheat crops are harvested, stubble or by-product is left behind.  Simultaneously, the farmer’s yield and crop density increases each year – resulting in more and more residual biomass to deal with.  In the past, stubble was burned to eliminate the excess material and to prepare the soil for the next growing season.  In 2006, legislation was enacted making it illegal for farmers to burn fields resulting in the need for alternative methods to eliminate residual harvest biomass.

Rather than burning, farmers now pulverize biomass into the ground using large tractors with multiple tilling passes, and amend the soil with fertilizer to chemically decompose the straw, both at significant additional fuel and supply expenses.  The concurrent increase in irrigation costs and fuel prices, coupled with the added tillage and fertilizer expenses have created the need for a cost-effective and environmentally progressive solution for farmers to efficiently manage their fields.

The Ag Energy Solution

Simply:  use crop by-products (Harvesting Residue) to create an environmentally progressive and renewable fuel source that saves farmers money and time while also providing an additional revenue source (Yields Profits.)

Family-First:  Just as farming is synonymous with families, our company is a group of individuals who bring the support of their family to work each day.  This is why we put family first.

Integrity:  Our roots are in farming and we continue to uphold the life values associated with working the land.

Wisdom:  The sum of our experience, knowledge and first-hand understanding of the farmer’s problems gives us unique insight on how to innovatively develop solutions.

Innovative:  We value innovation but have sought to innovatively use proven technologies.

Practical:  We’re an engineering-based solutions company that takes delight in developing unique, practical, and convenient solutions utilizing proven technologies.

Perseverance:  Solving an age-old pervasive problem is not easy, but we have the tenacity to succeed.

Teamwork:  We are a collection of individuals who trust and respect each other’s skills to succeed as a team.  Our team values extend to include the farmers we serve and the farm service co-operatives that endorse and support our solution.

Accountability:  We do not make commitments we can’t keep.  Our word is our bond and we are dedicated to fulfilling the promises we make.