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  • Corn Gluten Products

  • Model 10-0-0 - Weed N` Feed

    Model 10-0-0 - Weed N` Feed

    100% Natural pre-emergent weed seed germination inhibitor, safe for kids & pets. Controls large crabgrass and dandelions.

  • Model 9-1-1 - Fertilizer with Kelp

    Model 9-1-1 - Fertilizer with Kelp

    Helps with soil texture, water holding capacity, soil aeration for bolter root development. Helps to improve soil ecology. Helps to reduce Alkalinity in soil.

  • BioFert - Nutrients and Supplements

    BioFert - Nutrients and Supplements

    BioFert products offer the commercial grower a wide range of specialized nutrients and supplements in both liquid and granular form, including 100% crop specific and general purpose products. The BioFert product line range from 100% organic and organic-based fertilizers to synthetic water soluble and slow release fertilizers. All of these products cater to all segments of commercial growing including certified organic crops, open field crops, greenhouse...

  • Amaizeingly Green - Liquid Corn Gluten

    Amaizeingly Green - Liquid Corn Gluten

    The Amaizeingly Green products are corn gluten-based lawn care products which enhances your lawn naturally and help control dandelion as well as other broad leaf weeds. Each of Amaizeingly Green’s pelleted lawn care products have been tested and proven to improve soil texture, water holding capacity and aeration for better root development. The product blends have been created to enhance soil ecology and fertility while increasing a plants resistance to...

  • Bioprotec - Pest Management (IPM

    Bioprotec - Pest Management (IPM

    BioProtec is a product line created for residential and commercial use specifically designed with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) best practices in mind. BioProtec products go through an extensive enhanced fermentation process to grow living pest controlling organisms. They are biologically active products comprised of nematodes or beneficial bacteria that effectively control insects, fungi and selected weeds naturally while preserving the environment....