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  • Model V-Shape 13/16 - Notcher Ear

    Model V-Shape 13/16 - Notcher Ear

    Made of strong, lightweight, die-cast aluminum. All cutting plates are carefully ground after being hardened and tempered. Comes with patented and adjustable depth gauge to set depth of cut. Dies are not interchangeable. Cuts notch 13/16' wide at base.

  • Emasculatome Medium

    Emasculatome Medium

    These are precision-made instruments for the humane and bloodless castration of livestock by severing the testicular cord without injury to the bag (scrotum). These is no bloodshed, and therefore no loss due to blood poisoning, flies, or screwworms. Slipping of the cord is prevented by the patented cord stops. Complete atrophy of the testicles follows in about six weeks. The animal does not suffer and no special attention or treatment is...