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  • Hydraulic Deck Plate

    Hydraulic Deck Plate

    Hydraulic adjusted stripper plates cut field shelling losses. Now what was once a tedious job, requiring tools and hours of labor, takes seconds.  From the cab.  On the go.  Because nobody grows corn to leave it in the field.  It’s that simple.

  • Full Fingered Auger

    Full Fingered Auger

    A full fingered auger has retractable fingers between the flighting to improve feeding.  By reducing slug feeding, your combine will have faster ground speeds and increased overall performance.  A full fingered auger greatly improves harvesting efficiency in hard to feed green-stem soybeans.

  • Harrows and Rolling Baskets

    Harrows and Rolling Baskets

    Our 3 bar drag harrow mounted on a 330TT vertical tillage tool. The closed leg of the angle iron faces forward for improved trash flow. The teeth are hard surfaced.  Our rolling baskets mounted on a 340 disc harrow in bean stubble.