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  • Bobcat - Bale Fork Handler

    Bobcat - Bale Fork Handler

    Two forks, mounted on the frame, are designed with small-diameters for improved penetration especially when working in densely compacted materials. The two-fork design also better stabilizes loads by balancing round bales and securing uneven bales, preventing bale rotation. Even large, square bales are more easily transported, meaning less time spent hauling and more time spent attending livestock.

  • Grasshopper - Model AERA-Vator 40 - Front Mounted Aerator

    Grasshopper - Model AERA-Vator 40 - Front Mounted Aerator

    The PTO-driven AERA-vator™ is a coreless lawn aerator for Grasshopper FrontMount™ mowers. The front-mounted aerator and zero-turn maneuverability helps aerate lawns, turf, and compacted soil in hard-to-reach areas previously accessible with walk-behind aerators only. The AERA-vator's out-front attachment configuration reduces fatigue compared to using walk-behind aerators, and by eliminating unsightly cores left behind by plug and core...

  • Bobcat - Model 60 - The Three-Point Angle Blade

    Bobcat - Model 60 - The Three-Point Angle Blade

    The three-point angle blade is built with productivity and versatility when paired with a Bobcat® compact tractor or Toolcat™ 5610. The angle blade rotates 360 degrees for use in forward or reverse travel. A reversible cutting edge, blade oscillation and blade offset make it ideal for ditch digging, maintaining roads, removing snow, or site landscaping applications. Choose from multiple widths for your compact tractor or Toolcat...

  • Bobcat - Model 5A - Chipper

    Bobcat - Model 5A - Chipper

    Using a powerful disk chipping action, the chipper attachment continuously chips materials - up to five inches in diameter - such as trees, limbs, branches, and saplings. The chipper attachment is ideal for tree removal, pruning services, municipalities, parks and recreation, rentals, and personal property maintenance. Unlike pull-type chippers, the Bobcat chipper attachment can perform chipping jobs virtually anywhere! The compact design of the...