AgBioChem, Inc.

AgBioChem, Inc.

AgBioChem, Inc. was created in 1975 to provide growers with tools to control crown gall disease. AgBioChem was first to obtain U.S. EPA registration for the crown gall-preventative bacterium contained in GALLTROL-A and, in 1976, first to bring this important bio-control agent to market. In 1977, AgBioChem registered GALLEX (a University of California invention) and made it available to growers. GALLEX is the only product ever registered by EPA for eradication of existing galls. Nearly forty years later, GALLTROL-A and GALLEX remain the most effective crown gall control products and continue to be widely used by growers across the United States and elsewhere. AgBioChem is a small, family-owned corporation whose sole purpose is to provide to growers the best available crown gall control products.

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Crown gall is a plant “cancer” responsible for significant commercial losses in almond, walnut, pecan, cherry, plum, prune, peach, nectarine, apricot, apple, pear, grape, caneberry, blueberry, ornamentals (e.g., rose, euonymus, willow, poplar, etc.), and other plants.  Infected plants develop expanding tumors (galls) that damage roots and trunks, resulting in weakened, less-productive plants – and sometimes plant death.

In almond trees, galls provide entry points for wood decay fungi that cause trees to “blow down” (topple) during high winds.

The crown gall pathogen is present in almost all soils and infects plants via fresh wounds created during propagation, nursery digging, pre-plant handling, transplantation, and in-field mechanical injury (e.g., grafting, pruning, cultivation).