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  • Galltrol - Model A - Bacterial Biological Control Product

    Galltrol - Model A - Bacterial Biological Control Product

    A bacterial biological control with nearly 40 years of unmatched disease prevention.  Fresh cultures of GALLTROL-A are ready for same-day shipping and have shelf-lives of 120 days under refrigeration.  GALLTROL-A  is mixed with water and applied as a spray or dip within 12 hours of plant wounding.  GALLTROL-A colonizes wounds and prevents infection by the crown gall pathogen.  Certain pathogen strains are...

  • Gallex - Flowable Chemical

    Gallex - Flowable Chemical

    A ready-to-use, flowable, chemical emulsion applied as a paint that eradicates existing galls.  GALLEX works by selectively penetrating and killing gall cells but does not harm healthy plant tissues.  GALLEX is the only product ever registered by EPA for eradication of existing galls.  It is packaged in cases of 6 x 1/2 gallon plastic jugs.