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  • Row Crop Thinner

    Row Crop Thinner

    The Agmechtronix Row Crop Thinner (RCT) is capable of thinning row crops such as lettuce using computer machine vision to identify plant locations and a herbicidal spray to eliminate the unwanted plants, replacing the traditional thinning method of hand labor.

  • End of Line Counter (ELC)

    End of Line Counter (ELC)

    The End of Line Counter (ELC) was designed to count irregularly shaped agricultural products exiting a conveyor belt and and to fill boxes to a specified count by using a machine vision system. The ELC has been used for counting and packing strawberry root stock. It can handle large amounts of soil and trash and can run on belt speeds up to 300 ft/min. The machine is internet connected, allowing for remote upgrades and diagnostics.

  • Automated Vineyard Pruner (AVP)

    Automated Vineyard Pruner (AVP)

    Still in preliminary stages of development, the Automated Vineyard Pruner (AVP) provides a more accurate automated process for pruning wine grape vines. An algorithm developed by Agmechtronix allows the pruning machine to accurately determine the location of the cordon, eliminating error in the cutting process and allowing for high speed box pruning of high cordon Cabernet.

  • Automated Vineyard Pruner (AVP)

    Automated Vineyard Pruner (AVP)

    The Agmechtronix Check Weigher (CW) checks the weight of bags of produce such as onions, potatoes and citrus. If the weight measured is above or below user programmable limits, the CW rejects the bag from the conveyor.