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  • Agralex - Bucket Elevators

    Agralex - Bucket Elevators

    Schlagel belt and bucket elevator legs compliment our line of handling equipment with performance and quality proven in the industry since 1957. As with all our equipment, we guarantee the performance and quality of these legs and design them for high reliability and low maintenance.

  • Agralex - Chain Conveyors

    Agralex - Chain Conveyors

    Chain conveyors are the ideal solution for horizontal transport as well as a sloped transport, cereal grains, seeds, grinding grain, granules and other loose products in a closed space. AgrAlex produces the highest quality rugged chain conveyors that are able to meet the most difficult working conditions such as transshipment port, grain terminals, feed mixing plants, grain stores.

  • Conical Silos

    Conical Silos

    Conical silos are the ideal solution for the storage of grains, seeds, granules and other granular products. The silos are made according to the most stringent standards in the world DIN 1055, EUROCODE 1 (UNE - ENV-1991-4,1998), DIN 18914, NBE EA 95 (steel structures in buildings) and NCSE-02 (Seismic structural strength of buildings). Hot-dip galvanized sheets STE350 450 (450 gr/m^(2) of galvanization) in accordance with EN 10142. Made of corrugated,...

  • Corn Cleaners

    Corn Cleaners

    Sieve cleaners are the ideal solution for preliminary, thorough cleaning and calibration of all kinds of seeds, grains and various types of loose goods. It is characterized by a very high precision cleaning, reliability and comfort of service. The high efficiency of sieves system is guaranteed matched the frequency of the shaking and completed a highly efficient, regulated system of initial suction and final suction. Whereas quick and easy replacement...