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  • Convert Calf Care Product

  • Convert ImmPower - Model TBC - True Bovine Colostrum

    Convert ImmPower - Model TBC - True Bovine Colostrum

    CONVERT™ ImmPower™ TBC is a source of True Bovine Colostrum™ that incorporates both low temperature (100-110°F) and excellent mixing to reduce clogged nipples and/or tube feeders. Convert ImmPower TBC is a highly available source of immunity (Colostral Ig) and Convert to protect the calf from environmental challenges. It is recommended that Convert ImmPower TBC be fed within two hours of birth to maximize absorption. Due to...

  • Convert Powder - Direct-Fed Microbials For Healthy Calves

    Convert Powder - Direct-Fed Microbials For Healthy Calves

    Historically, producers have used milk replacers containing sub-therapeutic levels of antibiotics. Recently this practice is being scrutinized citing the potential for resistant strains of bacteria, the higher cost of milk replacers, as well as noting the antibiotic levels are ineffective in preventing disease as reasons to discontinue this practice. Recommendations have been for producers to replace the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics with proven...

  • Convert Gel or Bolus

    Convert Gel or Bolus

    Key Ingredients – The same important ingredients as Convert Powder in an extremely concentrated form. Focus – Newborns and individual calves faced with environmental challenges. Feeding Rate – Five to 15 cc of gel or one bolus (can be used instead of Convert powder at birth and then use powder for 20 days)

  • Direct Fed Microbials

    Much more than a microbial, the BioCycle family of products is based on cutting-edge technology and proprietary L-form Lactobacillus.  Often you cannot maximize your herd’s performance, reproduction, and genetic potential because of the animal’s inability to deal with stress.  The L-form Lactobacillus, along with the other specialized ingredients, enhance an animal’s immune system to overcome the negative effects of the everyday challenges and stress.  Tho

  • AMC - Model Select BioCycle™ - Direct Fed Microbials

    AMC - Model Select BioCycle™ - Direct Fed Microbials

    Key Ingredients – Two types of L-form Lactobacillus, two sources of yeast, four digestive enzymes, microbial sugars and specialized proteins. Focus – Excellent direct-fed microbial, aiding in boosting immune function, digestion and resisting everyday environment challenges. One-half ounce per head per day to animals not exposed to mold produced environmental challenges.