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  • Greenhouse Equipment

  • Solar Light Commercial Greenhouse

    Solar Light Commercial Greenhouse

    The Solar Light is known as the 'Dry House' due to its built-in condensate removal system, it is the obvious choice for your highest quality, most valuable crops, from your most critically sensitive environmental requirements to mass production areas and head houses. A greenhouse for all seasons, hard glazed with multi-wall or corrugated polycarbonate. The Solar Light provides the driest environment possible by use of its condensate...

  • Sawtooth - Commercial Greenhouse

    Sawtooth - Commercial Greenhouse

    The Agra Tech Sawtooth is a low profile single slope truss. Heated air travels up the roof slope away from the plants. The vertical roof section can be outfitted with a rack and pinion vent or roll up wall. With a vent or opening wall on the windward sidewall and vent on leeward roof, excellent ventilation is achieved.

  • Insulator Commercial Greenhouse

    Insulator Commercial Greenhouse

    The Insulator Greenhouse is a Gutter Connected, Commercial Structure available as Code or Non-Code structures.  This house provides quality, strength and ease of construction with natural ventilation. The Insulator Greenhouse performs well in all climates from Alaska to Mexico and beyond.

  • Continental Commercial Greenhouse

    Continental Commercial Greenhouse

    The Continental is recommended for all climates, from snow to sun. One of our customers says, 'in the winter, our climate can be really challenging - winds in excess of 90 mph and snowfall. We have had 2-3' of snow in the gutters and they have stayed strong - no bowing or bending. These houses are a steady as a rock.' (Bowdoinham, ME)

  • Equipment - Commercial Greenhouse Cooling Systems

  • Shade Curtains

    Shade Curtains

    Shade curtains play an important role in greenhouse cooling. On a bright sunny summer day, a 30’ x 100’ greenhouse will gain up to 32 million BTU of heat due to solar gain. (Solar gain is sunlight that gets converted to heat.)  Shade fabric with aluminum strips reflect excess light up away from the plants. The fan and pad cooling system will not need to be turned on as soon and will run for less time with a shade curtain....

  • Equipment - Commercial Greenhouse Heating systems

  • Unit Heaters for Under Bench Heating

    Unit Heaters for Under Bench Heating

    This is an inexpensive yet sophisticated system that utilizes gas-fired blower heaters with ducts, plenums, and punched convection tubes to direct the heat under the bench to the crop zone.