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  • Greenhouse Equipment

  • Commercial Greenhouse Solar Light

    Commercial Greenhouse Solar Light

    The Solar Light is known as the 'Dry House' due to its built-in greenhouse condensate removal system, it is the obvious choice for your highest quality, most valuable crops, from your most critically sensitive environmental requirements to mass production areas and head houses. A greenhouse for all seasons, hard glazed with multi-wall or corrugated polycarbonate. The Solar Light provides the driest environment possible by use of its condensate control...

  • Agra Tech - Commercial Greenhouse Sawtooth

    Agra Tech - Commercial Greenhouse Sawtooth

    The Agra Tech Sawtooth is a low profile single slope truss. Heated air travels up the roof slope away from the plants. The vertical roof section can be outfitted with a rack and pinion vent or roll up wall. With a vent or opening wall on the windward sidewall and vent on leeward roof, excellent ventilation is achieved.

  • Greenhouse Cooling Equipment

  • Cooling - Natural Ventilation

    Cooling - Natural Ventilation

    Natural ventilation is provided by a combination of roof vents, wall vents, roll up walls, or drop walls. Wind pressure provides most of the energy for natural ventilation. Research has shown that above 80F there is normally measurable wind between 1 and 5 miles per hour.* As heated air expands and rises to the vent it escapes out the roof vent allowing cooler air in through a wall inlet or the roof vent itself to take its place. The best ventilation...

  • Greenhouse Heating Equipment

  • Modine Unit Greenhouse Heaters

    Modine Unit Greenhouse Heaters

    Advantages of vented gas fired unit greenhouse heaters: Short heat recovery time reduces temperature fluctuations, promoting a natural growing environment. Provides air circulation to reduce dead spots in the greenhouse, reducing high moisture areas that promote mold growth. By installing multiple heaters within the greenhouse you build in redundancy. If one unit would happen to go down, you still have others to maintain freeze protection which could...